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Anita Holbrook

Faith Bible Fellowship was organized in July of 1975 by Lee Copeland, with the assistance and prayer support of Anita Holbrook and her son Jim Nesbitt. *

The Fellowship met informally for several years, first in Anita Holbrook’s house, then in three successive McClintock houses and the Seventh-Day Adventist building on High Street.

In 1977, the Fellowship appealed to Norfolk Tabernacle Church for help in becoming a non-profit organization in accordance with Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Norfolk Tabernacle adopted us as a daughter church; on March 5, 1978, its elders ordained Lee Copeland to the ministry. In November 1979 the Fellowship moved and began to meet in the living room of Bert Richardson’s house on Greenhouse Street.

In 1991, because our congregation was growing too large for Bert Richardson’s basement (which we had remodeled in 1989 to seat the congregation), the elders and congregation bought the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Farmville, recently vacated by its congregation, and remodeled it as a meeting place for the Fellowship. We first met in the building on September 1, 1991. In 1999, a substantial addition was constructed at the rear of the building, containing a fellowship hall and Sunday School rooms.

After serving us for 40 years, Lee went to meet our Savior on October 13, 2015. After waiting on the Lord for many months, the church called Sam Rabon to be its second pastor on February 12, 2017.

* Anita Holbrook had been praying for many years for a Bible-teaching church in the Farmville area. When her son Jim Nesbitt started teaching at Grace Seminary in Winona Lake, Indiana, she asked him to post a notice on the bulletin board, to see if anyone was interested in going to Farmville to plant a church. The Lord led Lee and Betty Copeland to answer that call; they moved to Farmville in June 1975 with two children.