Tributes to Lee

Here we’ve gathered tributes to Lee Copeland, our pastor of 40 years who met his Savior on October 13, 2015. We’ve pulled these from letters, emails, and various Facebook pages. Some of these came from the FBF Facebook page. If we overlooked yours or you would like to add one now, please write

Click here to download an audio of the funeral service, which includes many tributes. (First few minutes missing.)

FBF Elders
It is with a great deal of sadness that we let you know that we lost our dear pastor, Lee Copeland, yesterday. He’s now with the Lord he loved so dearly. Please, let’s join together to encourage one another. As Lee often said, let’s treat one another with the same grace God treats us. We’ll need to lean heavily on one another for many days to come.
Folks are gathering around Betty and the family to help all we can. We will post updates here as we get information.
In God’s gracious love and comfort,
FBF Elders

Tom Copeland
Find Tom’s lengthy tribute to his dad here:

Wright Doyle, China Institute, on whose board Lee served since 1989
Except for one sabbatical year, Lee served on the Board of China Institute-Global China from the beginning in 1989. We have known him as a faithful, humble, caring, and wise counselor and friend. He bore the interests of our ministry in his heart and prayers as few have.
Lee was a great man, though he thought too little of himself. He read more widely than almost anyone I know, and remembered what he had read. He had a big heart, a capacious mind, a wonderful smile, the most picturesque speech, and a profound faith in God. As a counselor and pastor, he was unsurpassed. As a friend, he is irreplaceable.
His departure is a huge loss.
The LORD gives, the LORD takes away; blessed be the name of the LORD.
Please tell the church that my grief is profound. I weep with them, and pray for them to know God’s love in this time of unutterable sorrow and desolation.

Ilse Maier, whose mission work in Germany we’ve supported from the beginning
Dear Betty and Friends at Faith Bible Fellowship,
The home-going of Lee came as a shock to me like to so many of you. Parting of loved family members and friends is such a hard process in life – but as we all know, it is part of life.
My heart goes out to you, Betty, and to your children and grandchildren – not having Lee around anymore is such a great loss to all of you.
He is also a great loss to you as a church family, and to the long list of people who were his friends. As a missionary I am part of that long list.
My husband I and have known Lee from “Seminary time” (Grace Theo. Seminary, IN ) . And it was a privilege for us as a family to be called by Lee to present to your church our desire to go to Germany as church planters.
From the early start of the ministry, Lee and you as a church were part of the church planting work in southern Germany.
Only God knows the extent of Lee’s and your involvement in starting a cluster of churches, reaching many people through our evangelistic magazine Ernst developed, your involvement in supporting the development of Sunday school curriculum which we still print and distribute, and the many Bible study teachers and pastors who profited from the Bible study guides Ernst wrote.
In all these development Lee and you all played a significant role through your coming alongside of us through your faithful prayer ministry and your financial gifts.
I wonder what Lee and Ernst will share with each other now, as they have met up in heaven!!
The picture below my husband took on his first visit to your church. At the time you met in a private home. I was unable to come along at the time. But later on I had the privilege to meet Betty and Lee and their children and the whole church-family. I well remember the early visits – there was always a “after church meal”, it was always very hot, coming from cool Germany, (we always came during the summer months) and it was always crowded downstairs. But the fellowship was just as warm and sweet.
Every time I visited your church, Lee’s kindness, knowledge, humility, his care for people, and his spontaneity impressed me. Sometimes it also scared me – especially after Ernst was not with me anymore. On my visits I never knew in advance how the “Mission Sunday” would go. “Just teach in Sunday school”, ”share in church service” – “take as much time as you like”, “give a mission report in the afternoon”, etc. — That was Lee, the way he told me how the Sunday was “planned”!! and by the Grace of God I always was able to go along with Lee’s “planning” and it worked out well!
He was such a wonderful, caring friend and it is hard to acknowledge the fact that he is now with the Lord, and not any more “at home, – in church, – at his friends home for a good dinner, – or watching his favorite sports show” (I have to confess, I do not know which team he cheered for).
These are just a few spot lights on Lee’ life. Things I noticed during my short weekend-visits every 4-5 years. You all know him a lot better and for that you all miss him even more.
But we have a great future, and we do not grief like those who do not have an eternal hope.
Let me greet you, you, who have lost a dear husband, father, Opa and a dear friend, with the theme of our women’s retreat from this week (Tuesday – Thursday)
“Great is THY faithfulness, … “Morning by morning, new mercies I see; all I have needed, Thy hand has provided. Great is thy faithfulness, Lord unto me”
In the Love of our Lord Jesus and with my deepest sympathies,
Yours, Ilse

Janet Geary
I am somewhat comforted knowing he and Erica Geary are together in heaven.
Lee was a very precious friend and servant to us since Erica Geary went home. He and all of you FBF folks are near and dear to us. We are praying for you all with very heavy hearts.

Mike York
So saddened by the news of the passing of Lee M. Copeland. My life over the past 25+ years was touched by Lee in so many ways! I am so grateful for the many times we met for lunch to talk and for the the grace and wisdom he would share with me. I loved our conversations and the fact that he would always share with me about the books he was reading! You will be missed by many!!
I know that Lee has now heard, “Well done, good and faithful servant… Enter into the joy of your master.” Matt. 25.21

Kaitlyn Marken
What a beautiful life he lived. He left this earth so suddenly that I’m not sure the reality has yet hit me, but I know that the impact he made on my life, and on many others’, will last forever. Love and prayers for my church family.
“Why the beer truck analogy? We must not take ourselves all that seriously; yet we must take Christ very seriously. If our lives can be ended by being run over by such a prosaic thing as a beer truck, how important can we be? Humility precedes honor, but self pride leads to ruin.” -Lee Copeland

David Giovannetti
May the Lord be with those that grieve for the loss of one loved by so many. What a testimony of faith left behind. When I think of Lee I think of the love, compassion, and long-suffering of Christ. He modeled Jesus Christ in so many ways. May we all draw on the Holy Spirit and the power of Jesus Christ so as to also let Christ be evident in our lives.

Alisa Banks Kline
I am so sad to hear this. He was an inspiring person that I loved dearly and will miss tremendously. Many prayers for Betty and his family, as well as FBF community. Please keep us updated.

John Campbell
Lee Copeland, a follower of Christ and humble friend of so many people, was buried today. At the graveside service, in front of a hundred people wearing their Sunday best, there was a person who probably felt out of place. One of the men who helped lower the coffin into the ground was dressed in ripped jeans with a dirty t-shirt and a beard dyed bright pink, and pink hair to match. It was quite a sight! At any other funeral, this might have been a disgrace. But this was Lee Copeland. And I smiled, because instantly I saw Lee saying vividly in his own particular way: ‘Do you see now, John? Who are you compared to God? Do not think too much of yourself. No matter what you accomplish in life, someday a redneck with pink hair will lower you into your grave.’ Even in death, Lee is teaching me. I am thankful for that moment.

Pat and Margie Keyser
Betty and family,
We were so sorry to hear about Lee’s passing. We had hoped to be able to be with y’all this weekend, but the timing and length of the trip did not work out. Just wanted to let you know that we hold y’all in our prayers and share in your sorrow in losing Lee. As he did for so many, he gave much to us in many ways. Even though we have been gone for 16 years (has it ben that long?!?) we know his influence has remained in the lives of our family. We know he will be deeply missed by the many folks that he blessed through the years. We also know that he left behind an incredible legacy of ministry, a lifetime of humble and gracious service to the Gospel. Please accept our condolences and know that you are in our prayers – for your encouragement and strength, but also of thanksgiving for his life and ministry. We still recall one of Lee’s favorite hymns, and him “belting it out”:
“Thee will I cherish, Thee will I honor,
thou, my soul’s glory, joy, and crown.”
I am sure he is singing that now!
Love Pat and Margie Keyser

Pam Tracy
I did not know him, but I would see him often at Barnes and Noble mentoring a student–he was so present and attentive. So sorry for your loss and for the community’s loss.

Carolyn Nowlin
We met Lee and Betty and worked with them to set up the pregnancy center in Crewe, VA. They have been a blessing in our lives since that time. We love Lee very much and will miss him. We send condolences to the fellowship at FBF as you have lost a strong rock God has given you over the years.

Karissa Marken
Just when I thought that I had shed all the tears I could over the past 24 hours, I get on Facebook and read many touching tributes from those whose lives he touched, and tears fall freely once more.
Lee was a pastor, yes, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. To me he was also friend, mentor, father, prayer warrior, counselor, shepherd, and humble servant. He was a man who did not let a stutter keep him from clearly proclaiming the grace of the Gospel, and always made time to love and invest in those he served. He dedicated me as a baby, baptized me as a young teen, and prayed faithfully for me through each stage of my life. His influence was so instrumental in my becoming the person I am today.
God rewarded Lee’s faithfulness by fulfilling Lee’s desire to pass from this world peacefully in his sleep, while he was still sound in body and mind. My heart grieves for the time I no longer have to benefit from his wisdom, be strengthened by his encouragement, or to swap baseball scores with him. My soul rejoices that Lee’s faith is now sight, and that his life, lived in a humble way in a small town, earned eternal praise and brought glory to God’s name until his last breath.

Laurie Millard
A faithful man who touched many lives…may we share the light and love of Jesus Christ as fervently as Lee served Him. I honestly can say that Lee was genuinely a caring shepherd of the flock that God gave him to oversee all these years at FBF. My life is enlightened by the light that Christ shown forth in Lee. Lifting Betty, Laurie, Tommy, Matsy, family and FBF up in prayer.

Jordan Popoff
I am saddened to hear of Lee’s passing. He was a man of God, in the purest sense.

Stacey Bradshaw
Lee M. Copeland was so much more than a pastor. He was a friend, mentor, counselor, a true shepherd, and a father/grandfather figure in many of our lives. He valued people above anything else on this earth. Someone shared this week that Lee had a gift for making everyone feel like his best friend. And it’s true. He always had time for everyone. In fact, God must have multiplied the hours in his day, because we’re all baffled how he managed to meet with so many people every week, on top of preparing his sermons and working part time as a counselor. He gave of himself endlessly and sacrificially.
He loved, he cared, he listened, he imparted sage words of advice, and he prayed. He carried many heavy burdens, not only from walking with his friends through hard times, but also the situations he would have to deal with on a weekly basis as a counselor at a local clinic. He regularly heard stories of struggle and heartbreak, of marriages and lives in shambles, and had to carry those within himself, bound to a promise of confidentiality. And yet he never shut down. Never lost his capacity to love, to care, to walk with people through difficult times, to hear more stories that would add an extra burden on his heart.
He never had much money or earthly possessions, but he was the richest man on earth. He was a humble servant, and he was the greatest man many of us have ever known.

Danielle Dean
My heart is so heavy. There honestly is no real way to put into words what you meant to everyone who knew you. Rejoice in Paradise, Uncle Lee. Until we meet again. xoxo

Julie An Hodous
What a joy and honor to have known Lee Copeland. I am a Longwood graduate who went to FBF from 1994-1996. Lee extended such a tremendous amount of grace, kindness and love toward everyone he met. I am so very thankful to have known him. What a legacy he leaves behind. Lifting Betty, their family and all of FBF up in prayer. All glory to Jesus.

Laura Robb
I know he will be greatly missed in the FBF family! Praying for all! So glad I could be a part of your community when I lived in Farmville.

Alyce Loeser
In C.S. Lewis’ the Great Divorce there is a part where the protagonist who is being allowed essentially a “sneak peak” of heaven sees a woman approaching. She is surrounded by angels, crowds of people, children and music- this jaw-dropping parade of splendor and honor. The man watching asks his guide who this woman is and is told she was no one he would have known- a person of little importance or power or wealth on earth, but in heaven, celebrated and honored. Every man, woman, child and even animal that walked around her were lives she had touched on earth. Essentially- all the fruit of a generous quiet beautiful life lived with humility was visible and in one place. The guide concludes:
“It is like when you throw a stone into a pool, and the concentric waves spread out further and further. Who knows where it will end? Redeemed humanity is still young, it has hardly come to its full strength. But already there is joy enough in the little finger of a great saint such as yonder lady to waken all the dead things of the universe into life.”
When I heard of the passing of Pastor Lee, a truly good and Godly man- I know that a similar parade of lives touched (and there were many) is happening even now. As we grieve his loss- we remember the joy, now completed and fulfilled, that is so strong, so powerful, and fully realized in his new body and home. Sending love to his family and to the FBF congregation.

Pam and Joseph Gill
We are so honored to have known him and call him friend. When we felt called to move to Farmville and plant a small church to minister primarily to the college students, Lee showed up on our doorstep to welcome us and offer any help we might have needed. Over the time we were in Farmville we were privileged to share meals, ministry and sweet fellowship with Lee, Betty and the elders and church family. We were ALWAYS blessed by him. After we became involved with the Pregnancy Support Center, Lee and Betty were so instrumental in the care of some of our clients, support for the Center and for the counselors. Our hearts ache for the family but we rejoice for Lee! May we all remember and be changed forever by his heart to be more like Jesus!

Diane Fox
Lee was a special friend as well as a trusted counsellor; I always felt his heart in everything he did. We were just talking about him with the Nowlins this weekend. Hard to believe that he is gone so suddenly but I know Jesus has welcomed him home with open arms. Thinking of you, Betty and your family and all of those at FBF.

Andy Race
So sad to lose this good, good man. He will be missed.

Missy Deregibus
Just devastated. I’ll miss him every day.

Laura Sperlazza
Prayers for the family.

Sherri Marken
He touched so many people. I am humbled to say he was my friend and he challenged me over and over again to be like Jesus. A huge loss on this end.

Jen Jordan
I have a better understanding of God, His Kingdom, and what it means to be loved by God so I can love like God because of Lee M. Copeland. Thank you for loving me and my students so well for so many years.

Susan Howell
First heard Lee preach 33 years ago. I was GLAD somebody thought I had an attention span longer than 25 minutes & the stutter never bothered me – since the content was SOOOO good!

Eddie Whealton
I would like to say that I am not certain if I have ever had a father in the faith in a meaningful way, other than possibly my uncle. But Lee was the pastor who came the closest. I had a renewal of faith my senior year in high school, and then I came to college.
Lee poured out himself on a group of young men: Lewis Bell, Joe Kelly, Dave Newton, and myself. We had Saturday classes on Godly character, good preaching, and Betty’s meals with mentoring—he was faithful to his call.
He was humble in example, experiencing more than a little bit of persecution for his faithfulness. It would seem that people made bold attempts to go after him. He held to his convictions. It was amazing to see the Lord’s provision during one of these trials my sophomore year.
He followed his calling and trusted God in His faithfulness to provide. He never asked for wages that “a workman is worthy of,” because he wanted that money to go to spreading God’s Kingdom. Although he was never rich with the world’s riches, he was as generous and giving as anyone I have ever known.
Lastly, I would say that Lee’s words at Doc Olney’s funeral fit Lee as well (as best I recall): “By what instrument can you measure a man’s life? Is there something like a watch you can pull out of your pocket to tell you about a man’s life?” Lee’s life is embedded in the hundreds and thousands of people Lee served for over 40 years. The Lord used Lee and FBF at a crucial time in my life. I will be grateful until I breathe my last that Lee and FBF were there for me.

Cynthia Dean
Pastor Lee Merrick Copeland was a quiet man, who walked a narrow road, and left the impressions of a giant. He didn’t live in a million dollar house, he didn’t drive a Cadillac, and he surely didn’t own a jet plane.. But what he did possess were ears eager to hear how you were really doing, an understanding, non-judgemental heart that wasn’t shocked by human failures, and a stromg desire to always pray with you about whatever you were going through. He didn’t try to solve your problems, and he knew you couldn’t, so he would carefully guide you to the Problem Solver. What an incredible blessing Lee was, because he loved God and loved the people He made. We will miss his kind and gentle ways.. He used to say that “Christ didn’t come to make us happy, He came to make us holy.” And as God’s holy children, we can bow in submission to His will; by remembering that, “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away”. We can also lift our hands and rejoice by saying, “Blessed be the Name of the Lord”. Amen!

Eric Fehr
Today, I had the honor of paying my respects to someone I have looked up to for the past four years, someone who so intentionally inserted himself into mine and my wife’s life. Lee M. Copeland was more than just our Pastor – he was a dear friend, a mentor, and someone I hope I can model my life after.
Thank you for every kind word, every handshake and shoulder squeeze, every extra book you wanted me to read, every chance you gave me to share, and every time you helped me share better.
Enjoy the rest you have received at the side of our Father, Lee. You will be dearly missed as you have been dearly loved.

Sharon Koether Woodford
Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you to all of FBF for the wonderful service for Lee yesterday. I can only imagine that today was another great time of sharing laughter and tears. I so wish we could have been there. This isn’t getting any easier as the days go on and I know that we will all feel this void for the rest of our lives. We want to participate in anything that is done for Betty. I know the church will make sure she is taken care of, but we would like to make sure we can have a part in that if possible. I would just ask that you let us know if we can provide anything for her – if the home needs any improvements…if she wants to visit the kids and we can make that happen financially, we would love to do that. we want to be able to share with her after she and Lee have shared so much and we have the ability to give back to them. Please keep us in mind and if you see the opportunity to give her something she needs or wants, please let us know. We miss you all and will be praying for FBF in the coming months.

Rhonda Stockton Rowland
I am devastated. I only found out about this late this afternoon. I have cried until I can’t cry. I certainly would have been to the visitation and funeral service had I known this earlier. Rev. Copeland, you were my friend as well as my counselor. You were always so calm and nonjudgmental. You were the epitome of the true Christian gentleman. Mrs. Copeland ad family, you have my sincere condolences.

Doug and Donna Spencer
It was with great sadness that I read of Lee Copeland going home to be with the Lord. We didn’t know him, but were inspired in reading of his story of starting a Bible believing church there in Farmville. Although we live on Maui, we have bought property out in Green Bay, VA and are planning on building a home there. We plan on visiting your church the next time we are in town to fellowship with our brothers and sisters there. Your congregation will be in our prayers that God will lead you through this time of transition and that your church wills stay true to the legacy started by such a great Godly man as Lee Copeland. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Alisa Banks Kline
“Lee, does it every get easier? Will being a pastor ever be easy?”
“Only if you stop loving.”
And boy, did he love.

Kevin Knight
To my dearest dearest friend Lee M. Copeland, I will miss you. You have walked my life’s journey with me with love and grace. I will always be thankful for the friendship that we shared. You will carry that piece of my heart with you. I love you Lee.

Rachel Blessing Palmer
Lee I will see you again one day. Thank you for all the support and love you showed me when I was at a low point in my life. Never forgotten.

Emily Holt
So thankful that I was given the gift of knowing and learning from Lee M. Copeland. Thank you Lee and Betty for your wisdom and opening your home and heart to me.

Alicia Dean
Heart is heavy today. “When we ALL see Jesus, we will sing and SHOUT the VICTORY”

Johnna Shular
DEAR Betty: Words could never, never thank Pastor & Friend Lee for Always being available to our family. How could Lee have talked, counseled, advised, mentored, had lunch, preached, prayed to …….and with….. soooo many people, and had time for us? I know he was actually home sometimes….because I called him so often there! Well, I praise God he is at rest, meeting those gone on before him……….seeing lives he had already touched. What a God of HOPE ; that we will all be together with the Lord one day, if we have –Like Lee, given our hearts to Jesus. What a Great educated, knowledgeable man, yet with the greatest humility–never boasting, always helping and caring. A man who truly showed us how to live and love like Jesus. Our prayers are with you, your family and church family. All our love in Christ, “KIKI”

Adrienne Rohrman
Few people, let alone pastors, have had as significant of an influence on my Christian journey through college as Lee Copeland did. He shepherded his flock with gentleness and truly modeled godliness for everyone who knew him. FBF was the first church I really felt community and familial connection in. And this has shaped my view of church to this day. Many thanks, Lee & Betty Copeland!

Pattie Gross
Just heard sad news that Lee M. Copeland passed away. For those of us that knew him while at Longwood, he will be missed. Although I haven’t been back since college he was one of my favorite Pastors and I remember his wife and him fondly. I still have a jewelry box they gave me for my graduation.

Angela Leggett
Heaven has gained another saint in Lee M. Copeland. Prayers for Betty, Tommy, Laurie, and Matsy.

Gindy Miley
Apparently I do not have a working email for Betty. I want her to know that she is in my prayers. I will be out of the country until early Jan, leaving tomorrow. I will attempt to be in touch when I get back. May the God of all comfort be with you dear ones.

Nicholas Arakaky
I sit here and find it hard to express in words my gratitude for Pastor Lee. He was an encouragement whenever we talked, and seeing the way he discipled others stands as evidence of his love for others and for God. His godly legacy will be imprinted upon the hearts of those whom he discipled, and their disciples down through the ages. May heaven celebrate as another son enters in to eternal glory.

Lukas Richard Epps-Dawson
Lee, you were such an incredible influence. You shaped the lives of those around you. I will always treasure my memories of our walks and talks dearly. You were such a great mentor and friend to me during my college years. I can’t wait to see you again in heaven someday.

Laura Race
What an honor to have known and loved him. Such a gracious man and friend. There are not enough words…

Heather Haynes
Lee was a true man of God and touched so many. Those of us left behind mourn his loss—though we know we will meet again one day. I know he is rejoicing in God’s presence at this very moment and that brings me comfort.

Jason Brooks
Miss him dearly. He was a great encouragement to me over the years in Farmville.

Carol Caruso
Our beloved pastor, Lee M. Copeland suddenly and very unexpectedly went Home to be with the Lord Tueday. It’s been a really devastating event in the lives of the Faith Bible Fellowship family and, of course, his flesh and blood family. Lee gave Paul and me our first Communion as a married couple as part of our wedding ceremony on 5-17-14 and shared in one of the happiest days of our lives. Sunday, as part of his last sermon to us, he again served Communion as he did every second Sunday of each month for all the years he served. Lee has been Paul’s mentor and confidant for 20+ years and the one and only pastor at FBF for forty years. No one person can fill the footprints left by Lee on our hearts. Please pray for his wife and three adult children and their families and our spiritual family as we lay him to rest on Saturday. Pray also for guidance and wisdom for our elders in the coming days as they seek God’s wisdom and guidance in the what nows and hows of our healing. We rejoice that Lee is with the Lord but have a huge hole left in our hearts without him. I have only known him since March of 2013 and I am devastated. I hadn’t had a REAL PASTOR for many years and finally found him and now he’s gone If I hurt this much I can only stand by and see how devastated my husband and all the others feel after having the blessing of Lee in their lives for so many years. The Lord makes no mistakes but in our human frailty we don’t always understand the whens and whys of life and death. As a group of us women studied on Tuesday before discovering Lee’s Homegoing, Eucharisteo, which means grace, thanksgiving and joy in the Greek, always precedes the miracle. But we studied in particular the hard Eucharisteo that particular session. Now Lord, we are truly experiencing the hard version. Please Lord help us to understand and hold each other in your tender care until the miracle that follows is revealed to us in your time.

Alisa Banks Kline
I love Lee M. Copeland dearly, and I was honored to celebrate his life yesterday. What a beautiful person, and I’m blessed beyond belief that I was one of the many that got to experience his wisdom and love on a regular basis in college, and after in my marriage. Many tears were shed yesterday, as well as much laughter. Bravo and thanks to Betty and his children for sharing him with us yesterday!

Patricia Gardner Arnold
He was a wonderful man and will be missed. Thank you for sharing, we didn’t know Lee and the church graciously sent us off into ministry 21 years ago. We are eternally grateful to have known him in this life.

Phillip and Debra Boyer
Lee invested in anyone he came across who needed a listening ear…he was there for us on multiple occasions, we had great respect for pastor Lee, a most humble servant of God, so understanding of our human frailty, yet not offended by it..JUST LIKE God is…he modeled so beautifully the example of Christ. We are all better people for having known pastor Lee, his life is an example to follow.

Gambol Copeland Bosmans
Uncle Lee was a beautiful man, indeed. He will be truly missed. I now envision him, my dad & Grandma (Matsie!) Copeland enjoying their reunion, smiling down and watching over us all.

Leanne Hill
I did a presentation back in April at his church. I was super pregnant at the time and we chatted about my family and he prayed for my pregnancy and delivery. It meant so much to me. Weeks later I received a package on my desk from him. It was a “big brother” book for my son. The time he took to not only hear me..but truly listen was refreshingly wonderful. Such a kind and generous soul. He will be greatly missed and I’m sorry for your loss.

Jennifer Tran Strosnider
So sorry to hear of the loss here, but his gain for his reward!

Don Mink
Today a good friend of mines father was laid to rest. Lee M. Copeland was a great man. The list of his attributes will be remembered for are lengthy. I will remember him as a tender shepherd who knew how to tend his flock. He knew how to dress the wounds of the people he came in contact. Luckily his legacy will continue because of how he impacted people. To know Laurie Copeland Victa & Shawn Victa is to know the impact of a strong and loving parent. When you consider his ministry you have to stand in awe of the dynamic impact Lee has on his church family. Individual life’s touched in one on one conversations on a daily basis over weeks months and years with hundreds of people. Legacy is not past tense. Impact and influence carry on daily through the people he touched. God bless the Copeland family.

Doug and Donna Spencer
It was with great sadness that I read of Lee Copeland going home to be with the Lord. We didn’t know him, but were inspired in reading of his story of starting a Bible believing church there in Farmville. Although we live on Maui, we have bought property out in Green Bay, VA and are planning on building a home there. We plan on visiting your church the next time we are in town to fellowship with our brothers and sisters there. Your congregation will be in our prayers that God will lead you through this time of transition and that your church wills stay true to the legacy started by such a great Godly man as Lee Copeland. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
Doug and Donna Spencer

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