A favorite fall event

A big pot of Brunswick stew, canoes, hay ride, great conversation…

“…the kingdom belongs to such as these”

What a delight to get to know each other's kids.

Celebrating new life in Christ

A baptismal service at a local park brings great joy to all.

Worship is a verb

All participate, young & old, as we hear the Word and respond in joy.

The light is come

Our Advent candlelight service gives just a taste of the great joy—and great seriousness—of Messiah's coming to earth.

Welcome to Faith Bible Fellowship

As a community of Christians, interdenominational and evangelical in scope, we welcome all who desire a close walk with God through His revelation in Jesus Christ. We meet at 10 for worship, 11:30 for a fellowship meal, and noon for sharing. Come let us know what God is doing in your life!

Fellowship Meal

Fellowship Meal
We eat together each Sunday, thanks to six teams who take turns. Chinese teachers from Longwood U. recently volunteered to take a turn. See our four pursuits.


We support many local and foreign missions. Here a team with Andy Maier helps bring fresh water to an area in Asia.

120 Seconds

120 Seconds
Each week we post a creative arts video with highlights from a recent sermon.
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