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Special Christmas Missionary Offering

Our special missionary offering this year will support The Shepherd’s Tavern, a new ministry in Madisonville, Virginia. Run by former missionaries Dave and Debbie Sanders, The Shepherd’s Tavern will be a get-away for pastors, missionaries, and any Christian workers needing “refueling” or a temporary place to stay. You can give to this offering by clicking below.

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Here is a log of our songs and hymns each week.

4/14/24KristyAncient of DaysCSarah P.
4/14/24KristyEnoughFSarah P.
4/14/24KristyCome Thou Almighty KingFSarah P.
4/14/24KristyJesus MessiahFSarah P.
4/14/24KristyYou Are My VisionDSarah P.
4/7/24JonYour Grace Is EnoughGSherri
4/7/24JonWho You Say I AmASherri
4/7/24JonAmazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)DSherri
4/7/24JonGrace (CityAlight)DSherri
4/7/24JonBehold the Lamb (Communion Hymn)CSherri
4/7/24JonAnd Can It BeGSherri
3/31/24 EasterCamilleChrist the Lord Is Risen TodayCTory, Deborah
3/31/24 EasterCamilleCrown Him with Many CrownsCTory, Deborah
3/31/24 EasterCamilleChrist AroseCTory, Deborah
3/31/24 EasterCamilleGlorious Day, Living He Loved MeGTory, Deborah
3/31/24 EasterCamilleIn Christ AloneDTory, Deborah
3/31/24 EasterCamilleJesus Paid It All (Oh Praise the One who Paid My Debt)BTory, Deborah
3/31/24 SunriseJonSee What a Morning (Resurrection Hymn)DJon
3/31/24 SunriseJonBecause He LivesGJon
3/31/24 SunriseJonChrist Our Hope in Life and DeathDJon
3/31/24 SunriseJonWhat the Lord Has Done in MeCJon
3/31/24 SunriseJonRaise a Hallelujah DJon
3/29/24 Good FridayJonLead Me to the CrossDKristy
3/29/24 Good FridayJonI Stand AmazedGKristy
3/29/24 Good FridayJonHallelujah, What a Savior!GKristy
3/29/24 Good FridayJonO Sacred HeadAmKristy
3/29/24 Good FridayJonBlessed RedeemerEmKristy
3/29/24 Good FridayJonWhen I SurveyDKristy
3/29/24 Good FridayJonBeneath the Cross of JesusCKristy
3/29/24 Good FridayJonHow Deep the Father's LoveDKristy
3/17/24CamilleHosannaGChildren and Youth
3/17/24CamilleHosanna, Loud HosannaGChildren and Youth
3/17/24CamilleMajestyGChildren and Youth
3/17/24CamilleAll Hail King JesusDChildren and Youth
3/17/24CamilleHosanna (Hillsong)DChildren and Youth
3/17/24CamilleGlory and HonorEChildren and Youth
3/10/24KristyI Will Call Upon the LordCSarah P.
3/10/24KristyWe Will GlorifyC-DSarah P.
3/10/24KristyGive Us Clean HandsGSarah P.
3/10/24KristyI Worship You, Almighty GodGSarah P.
3/10/24KristyHere I Am to WorshipDSarah P.
3/10/24KristyRevelation SongDSarah P.
3/3/24Sam H.Behold Our GodCTory
3/3/24Sam H.IndescribableFTory
3/3/24Sam H.Hymn 42 All Hail the PowerFTory
3/3/24Sam H.I See the Lord (With Holy, Holy, Holy)EbTory
3/3/24Sam H.Glory and HonorDTory
2/25/24SherriYour Grace Finds MeAAnna, Lyla
2/25/24SherriOnly By GraceCAnna, Lyla
2/25/24SherriGrace (CityAlight)CAnna, Lyla
2/25/24SherriHow Great Is Our GodAAnna, Lyla
2/25/24SherriHymn 236, Amazing GraceGAnna, Lyla
2/18/24JonHymn 70, Holy, Holy, HolyDSherri, Trina
2/18/24JonHoly Is the LordGSherri, Trina
2/18/24JonIn the PresenceGSherri, Trina
2/18/24JonSanctuaryDSherri, Trina
2/18/24JonHave Mercy on MeDSherri, Trina
2/18/24JonWhite as SnowDSherri, Trina
2/18/24JonJesus Paid It All (Stanfill version)BSherri, Trina
2/11/24CamilleTurn Your EyesCSam H
2/11/24CamilleOpen Our EyesDSam H
2/11/24CamilleWho You Say I AmASam H
2/11/24CamilleHolinessESam H
2/11/24CamilleHe Knows My NameESam H
2/4/24KristyI Stand AmazedGKristy, Deborah, Camille, Sam H
2/4/24KristyHere Is LoveDKristy, Deborah, Camille, Sam H
2/4/24KristyIn Christ AloneDKristy, Deborah, Camille, Sam H
2/4/24KristyKnowing YouCKristy, Deborah, Camille, Sam H
2/4/24KristyYour Grace Is EnoughGKristy, Deborah, Camille, Sam H
1/28/24SherriOur God is Greater GKristy, Sam H
1/28/24SherriBehold Our GodCKristy, Sam H
1/28/24SherriHumble KingDKristy, Sam H
1/28/24SherriBlessed AssuranceDKristy, Sam H
1/28/24SherriShout to the NorthGKristy, Sam H
1/21/24CamilleHymn 268, How Firm a FoundationGSeth, Sam H
1/21/24CamilleO Church Arise (Arise Shine)DSeth, Sam H
1/21/24CamilleRaise a HallelujahDSeth, Sam H
1/21/24CamilleHoly and Anointed OneESeth, Sam H
1/21/24CamilleThe BlessingGSeth, Sam H
01/14/24JonHymns 27, I Sing the Mighty Power of GodGSherri, Trina, Jonty, Sam H.
01/14/24JonLord Most HighESherri, Trina, Jonty, Sam H.
01/14/24JonHow Great is Our GodASherri, Trina, Jonty, Sam H.
01/14/24JonThis is Amazing GraceDSherri, Trina, Jonty, Sam H.
01/14/24JonAncient of DaysCSherri, Trina, Jonty, Sam H.
01/14/24JonAll Hail the PowerESherri, Trina, Jonty, Sam H.
01/07/24JontyBeautiful Star of Bethlehem DTory, Deborah, Sam H
01/07/24JontyWe Three KingsEmTory, Deborah, Sam H
01/07/24JontyIn the Bleak MidwinterFTory, Deborah, Sam H
01/07/24JontyI Give you My HeartGTory, Deborah, Sam H
01/07/24JontyThe First NoelDTory, Deborah, Sam H
01/07/24JontyJoy Has Dawned DTory, Deborah, Sam H
12/31/23KristyHymn 84, Come, Thou Long Expected JesusDJonty, Camille
12/31/23KristyHark! The Herald Angels SingDJonty, Camille
12/31/23KristyJoy to the WorldCJonty, Camille
12/31/23KristyO Come, All You UnfaithfulEJonty, Sam H.
12/31/23KristyCome, People of the Risen KingCJonty, Sam H.
12/24/23SherriJoy Has DawnedESam H., Jonty,
12/24/23SherriSing we the Song of EmmanuelESam H., Jonty,
12/24/23SherriHoly ChildFSam H., Jonty,
12/24/23SherriJOy to the World (Unspeakeable Joy)A - BSam H., Jonty,
12/24/23RichardHymn 83, O Come, O Come, EmmanuelKory, Sam H
12/24/23RichardHymns 290, Your NameKory, Sam H
12/24/23RichardLet all Mortal Flesh Keep SilenceKory, Sam H
12/24/23RichardHark! The Herald Angels SingKory, Sam H
12/24/23RichardHymn 92, O little Town of BethlehemKory, Sam H
12/24/23RichardHymn 85, Silent NightKory, Sam H
12/24/23RichardHymn 100, O Come, All Ye FaithfulKory, Sam H
12/24/23RichardHymn 89, Angels we Have Heard on HighKory, Sam H
12/10/23CamilleHymn 87, Joy to the WorldCChildren
12/10/23CamilleGo Tell It On The MountainsGChildren
12/10/23CamilleHymn of JoyDChildren
12/10/23CamilleCommunion Hymn for ChristmasDKristy, Camille
12/10/23CamilleHymn 98, I Heard the Bells On Christmas MorningDSeth, Anna
12/3/23JontyHymn 84, Come Thou Long Expected DTory, Naomi, Seth
12/3/23JontyHymn 143, Rejoice, the Lord is KingATory, Naomi, Seth
12/3/23JontyHymn 94, What Child is This?EmTory, Naomi, Seth
12/3/23JontyO Come, All You UnfaithfulETory, Naomi, Seth
12/3/23JontyChrist Our Hope In Life and DeathEbTory, Naomi, Seth
11/26/23SherriHymn 54, For the Beauty of the EarthFKristy
11/26/23SherriGive ThanksFKristy
11/26/23SherriThank You, LordFKristy
11/26/23SherriTen Thousand ReasonsDKristy
11/26/23SherriBlessed Be Your NameAKristy
11/26/23SherriLet All Thing Now LivingGKristy
11/19/23CamilleForeverGIlias, Eli
11/19/23CamilleHymn 272, My Hope is Build on Nothing LessDIlias, Eli
11/19/23CamilleAll Who Are ThirstyDIlias, Eli
11/19/23CamilleThere is a Redeemer DTrina, Seth
11/19/23CamilleHymn 21, We Gather TogetherDTrina, Seth
11/12/23KristyHymn 40, Great is Thy FaithfulnessDDeborah, Sam. H, Jonty
11/12/23KristyShout to the LordADeborah, Sam. H, Jonty
11/12/23KristyWhom shall I FearADeborah, Sam. H, Jonty
11/12/23Kristy'Tis so sweet to trust in JesusGDeborah, Sam. H, Jonty
11/12/23KristyStanding on the PromisesADeborah, Sam. H, Jonty
11/5/23JonI Will DelightGSherri, Trina, Jonty
11/5/23JonBe Exalted, O GodASherri, Trina, Jonty
11/5/23JonLet Us Exalt His Name TogetherEmSherri, Trina, Jonty
11/5/23JonPsalm 62CSherri, Trina, Jonty
11/5/23JonThis is Amazing GraceDSherri, Trina, Jonty
11/5/23JonLet All Things Now LivingGSherri, Trina, Jonty
10/29/23JontyBehold Our GodBDeborah, Tory, Sam H.
10/29/23JontyChrist Our Hope in Life and DeathEbDeborah, Tory, Sam H.
10/29/23JontyHe Will Hold Me FastAbDeborah, Tory, Sam H.
10/29/23JontyHear Us From Heaven*C (A-B)Deborah, Tory, Sam H.
10/29/23JontyAnd Can it Be?FDeborah, Tory, Sam H.
10/22/23KristyYour Love, Oh LordFDeborah, Jonty
10/22/23KristyYou're Worthy Of My PraiseFDeborah, Jonty
10/22/23KristyI Give You My HeartFDeborah, Jonty
10/22/23KristyHow Great Is Our GodADeborah, Jonty
10/22/23KristyHymn 442, Praise Him GDeborah, Jonty
10/15/23CamilleHear Us from HeavenASeth
10/15/23CamilleLord, I Need YouDSeth
10/15/23CamilleWhom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)GSeth
10/15/23CamilleYou Are My VisionDSeth
10/8/23SherriLet All Things Now LivingGKristy, Jonty
10/8/23SherriGlorious Day (Living He Loved Me)GKristy, Jonty
10/8/23SherriThere is a DayBbKristy, Jonty
10/8/23SherriBuild My LifeDKristy, Jonty
10/8/23SherriCome Let Us Worship ChristAKristy, Jonty
10/1/23JonHymn 496, Victory In JesusGSherri, Trina, Jonty
10/1/23JonBecause He LivesGSherri, Trina, Jonty
10/1/23JonYou Alone Can RescueBbSherri, Trina, Jonty
10/1/23JonI Will RiseGSherri, Trina, Jonty
10/1/23JonCome Behold the Wondrous MysteryDSherri, Trina, Jonty
9/24/23JontyCome Thou Fount (I Will Sing) CTory, Deborah
9/24/23JontyWho Am IGTory, Deborah
9/24/23JontyYet Not I But Through Christ inMeCTory, Deborah
9/24/23JontyWho You Say I AmATory, Deborah
9/24/23JontyTurn Your EyesCTory, Deborah
9/24/23JontyThe Lords Prayer (It's Yours)DTory, Deborah
9/17/23CamilleLamb of GodCSeth
9/17/23CamilleJesus MessiahGSeth
9/17/23CamilleLead Me to the CrossDSeth
9/17/23CamilleHymn 113, Old Rugged CrossGSeth
9/10/23Sherri Come, People of the Risen KingCKristy, Jon
9/10/23SherriLet Us ConsiderDKristy, Jon
9/10/23SherriBind Us TogetherDKristy, Jon
9/10/23SherriThe BlessingGKristy, Jon
9/10/23SherriBehold the LambCKristy, Jon
9/10/23SherriThe Lord’s Prayer (It’s Yours)DKristy, Jon
9/3/2023JontyHymn 143, Rejoice the Lord Our KingADeborah
9/3/2023JontyWhat a Beautiful Name It IsDDeborah
9/3/2023JontyLord I Need YouEDeborah
9/3/2023JontyHymn 393, Take my Life and Let it BeDDeborah
9/3/2023JontyFacing a Task UnfinishedCDeborah
8/27/23JonBuild Your Kingdom HereDSherri, Trina, Sam H
8/27/23JonO Church Arise (Arise, Shine) DSherri, Trina, Sam H
8/27/23JonHoly Spirit, Living Breath of GodDSherri, Trina, Sam H
8/27/23JonLet Us ConsiderDSherri, Trina, Sam H
8/27/23JonWe Will StandDSherri, Trina, Sam H
8/27/23JonGod, The Father of Your PeopleGSherri, Trina, Sam H
8/20/23JontyForeverGTory, Deborah
8/20/23JontyHymn 452, I Stand Amazed GTory, Deborah
8/20/23JontyHere Is LoveDTory, Deborah
8/20/23JontyMighty to SaveGTory, Deborah
8/20/23JontyHymn 332, My Jesus I love TheeD -ETory, Deborah
8/13/23JontyHymn 143, Rejoice the Lord is KingBKristy, Deborah, Sam H
8/13/23JontyThis is Amazing GraceDKristy, Deborah, Sam H
8/13/23JontyHymn 452, I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous)GKristy, Deborah, Sam H
8/13/23JontyShout to The NorthGKristy, Deborah, Sam H
8/13/23JontyHe Will Hold Me FastAbKristy, Deborah, Sam H
8/6/23SherriO Come Let Us Adore Him DKristy, Sam
8/6/23SherriBehold Our GodCKristy, Sam
8/6/23SherriBuild My LifeDKristy, Sam
8/6/23SherriIt is YouDKristy, Sam
8/6/23SherriHymn 393, Take My Life and Let It BeDKristy, Sam
8/6/23SherriCome Behold the Wondrous MysteryDKristy, Sam
7/30/23Camille10,000 ReasonsDGracie, Evelyn
7/30/23CamillleAt the Cross (Love Ran Red)DGracie, Evelyn
7/30/23CamilleAmazing Grace, My Chains are GoneDGracie, Evelyn
7/30/23CamilleI Will RiseGKristy,
7/30/23CamilleHymn 143, Rejoice the Lord is KingCKristy, Seth
7/23/23RichardWhat a Mighty God we ServeDDeborah, Kristy
7/23/23RichardLifted Up, I saw in HeavenGDeborah, Kristy
7/23/23RichardAlleluiaDDeborah, Kristy
7/23/23RichardHymn 19, The God of Abraham PraiseEbmDeborah, Sherri
7/23/23RichardHymn 70, Holy Holy, HolyCDeborah, Andrea
7/16/23JonHymn 1, O Worship the KingGSherri, Trina, Sam H.
7/16/23JonThe Same PowerDSherri, Trina, Sam H.
7/16/23JonAncient of DayDSherri, Trina, Sam H.
7/16/23JonPsalm 62 CSherri, Trina, Sam H.
7/16/23JonArise, My Soul, AriseGSherri, Trina, Sam H.
7/9/23JontyBehold Our GodBKristy, Deborah, Sam H
7/9/23JontyCome Behold The Wondrous MysteryDKristy, Deborah, Sam H
7/9/23JontyJesus Paid it AllBKristy, Deborah, Sam H
7/9/23JontyJesus MessiahGKristy, Deborah, Sam H
7/9/23JontyHymn 442, Praise Him! Praise Him!GKristy, Deborah, Sam H
7/2/23SherriWho You Say I AmAKristy, Sam
7/2/23SherriBonesCKristy, Sam
7/2/23SherriYet Not I But Through Christ in MeCKristy, Sam
7/2/23SherriHoly Spirit Living Breathe of GodDKristy, Sam
7/2/23SherriOh Church Arise (Arise Shine)DKristy, Sam
6/25/23CamilleThe Lion and The LambDIlias, Caleb, Seth
6/25/23CamilleVictory in JesusGIlias, Caleb, Seth
6/25/23CamilleThere is Power in the BloodGIlias, Caleb, Seth
6/25/23CamilleGive ThanksGIlias, Caleb, Seth
6/25/23CamilleGlorious Day (Stanfill version)CIlias, Caleb, Seth
6/18/23RichardHymn 217, Jesus, Thy Blood and RighteousnessGTory, Deborah
6/18/23RichardRevelation SongDTory, Deborah
6/18/23RichardHis Mercy is MoreDTory, Deborah
6/18/23RichardSing HallelujahBmTory, Deborah
6/18/23RichardThy Mercy, My God is The Theme of My SongFTory, Deborah
6/18/23RichardHymn 96, As With Gladness, Men of Old GTory, Deborah
6/11/23CamilleI Lift My Eyes UpCSeth
6/11/23CamilleLord I Need YouDSeth
6/11/23CamilleYou Are My Hiding placeBmSeth
6/11/23CamilleFamous OneDSeth
6/11/23CamilleDear Refuge of My Weary SoulCSeth
6/11/23Camille Mighty to SaveESeth
6/11/23CamilleYour Great NameGSeth
6/4/23JontyHymn 442, Praise Him, Praise Him!GTory, Deborah, Sam
6/4/23JontyChrist our Hope in Life and DeathDTory, Deborah, Sam
6/4/23JontyTurn Your EyesCTory, Deborah, Sam
6/4/23JontyGod Will Make a WayGTory, Deborah, Sam
6/4/23JontyYet Not I But Through Christ in MeCTory, Deborah, Sam
5/28/23SherriBuild Your Kingdom HereDKristy, Sam
5/28/23SherriHoly SpiritDKristy, Sam
5/28/23SherriHoly Spirit, Living Breath of GodDKristy, Sam
5/28/23SherriOpen the Eyes of My Heart, LordDKristy, Sam
5/28/23SherriThe Lord's Prayer (It's Yours)DKristy, Sam
5/21/23JonThe Solid RockDTrina, Sherri
5/21/23Jon Build My LifeDTrina, Sherri
5/21/23JonIn Christ AloneDTrina, Sherri
5/21/23JonBehold Our GodBTrina, Sherri
5/21/23JonFacing a Task UnfinishedCTrina, Sherri
05/14/23RichardHymn 176, Break Thou the BreadDKristy, Deborah, Jonty
05/14/23RichardI Will DelightGKristy, Deborah, Jonty
05/14/23RichardHoly and Anointed OneGKristy, Deborah, Jonty
05/14/23RichardBe It Unto MeFKristy, Deborah, Jonty
05/14/23RichardHymn 333, May the Mind of ChristC - DKristy, Deborah, Jonty
05/14/23RichardHymn 268, How Firm a Foundation GKristy, Deborah, Jonty
5/7/23CamilleHymn 393, Take My Life and Let It BeDSeth, Chris
5/7/23CamilleBuild My LifeDSeth, Chris
5/7/23CamilleRevelation SongDSeth, Chris
5/7/23CamilleWhat a Beautiful Name DSeth, Chris
5/7/23CamilleRaise a HallelujahGSeth, Chris
4/30/2023JontyYou are Holy (Prince of Peace)EKristy, Camille
4/30/2023JontyLord, I Need YouEKristy, Camille
4/30/2023JontyTurn Your EyesB (*C)Kristy, Camille
4/30/2023JontyHymn 394, I Surrender AllCKristy, Sam H
4/30/2023JontyThe Lord’s Prayer (It’s Yours)DKristy, Sam H
4/23/23JonHymn 198, There Is Power in the BloodGSherri, Trina, Sam
4/23/23JonThis Is Amazing GraceDSherri, Trina, Sam
4/23/23JonWhat the Lord Has Done in MeDSherri, Trina, Sam
4/23/23JonAmazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)DSherri, Trina, Sam
4/23/23JonChrist Be Beside MeCSherri, Trina, Sam
4/16/23SherriCome People of the Risen KingCKristy, Sam
4/16/23SherriI Will RiseEmKristy, Sam
4/16/23SherriWorthy Is the Lamb /Crown HimAKristy, Sam
4/16/23SherriNothing I Hold OntoFKristy, Sam
4/16/23SherriHymn 141, Look, Ye Saints!DKristy, Sam
4/9/23JonChrist AroseBbChris, Jon, Sherri
4/9/23JonEmpty GraveDmChris, Ilias (performance song)
4/9/23JonGlorious Day (Passion)GChris, Jon, Sherri
4/9/23JonMedley (Worship Christ the Risen King / Majesty)GChris, Jon, Sherri
4/9/23JonHymn 137, Christ the Lord is Risen TodayCChris, Jon, Sherri
4/9/23JontyWere You There?CKristy (Performance Song)
4/9/23JontyHymn 137, Christ the Lord is Risen TodayCKristy, Trina, Sherri, Sam
4/9/23JontyResurrection SongDKristy, Trina, Sherri, Sam
4/9/23JontyHymn 44, And Can It BeFKristy, Trina, Sherri, Sam
4/9/23JontyYour Great NameAKristy, Trina, Sherri, Sam
4/9/23JontyJesus Paid It AllBKristy, Trina, Sherri, Sam
4/9/23JontyHymn 37, How Great Thou ArtAKristy, Trina, Sherri, Sam
4/9/23JontyChrist , Our Hope in Life and DeathEKristy, Trina, Sherri, Sam
4/7/23JontyWere You There?CKristy (Performance Song)
4/7/23JontyHymn 116, O Sacred Head, Now WoundedAmTory, Deborah, Camille
4/7/23JontyCome Behold The Wondrous MysteryDTory, Deborah, Camille
4/7/23JontyHymn 118, When I Survey the Wondrous CrossDTory, Deborah, Camille
4/7/23JontyHow Deep The Father’s Love for UsETory, Deborah, Camille
4/7/23JontyAt The Cross (Love Ran Red)DTory, Deborah, Camille
4/6/23JontyHymn 46, O For A Thousand Tongues to Sing C-D-
4/6/23JontyBehold the LambC-
4/6/23JontyBefore the Throne of God AboveD-
4/2/23CamilleHosanna! Hosanna!
4/2/23CamilleHymn 107, Hosanna! Loud Hosanna
4/2/23CamilleShout to The Lord
4/2/23CamilleLord I Lift Your Name On High
4/2/23CamilleGlorious Day
4/2/23CamilleGlory And Honor
3/26/23RichardHymn 2, Love Divine, All Loves ExcellingGTory, Trina
3/26/23RichardRushing Wind GTory, Trina
3/26/23RichardDays of ElijahG-ATory, Trina
3/26/23RichardOh the Glory of His PresenceATory, Trina
3/26/23RichardHymn 165, Holy Ghost with Light DivineGTory, Trina
3/26/23RichardHymn 13, Praise ye the LordDTory, Trina
3/19/23JonHe’s Got the Whole World in His HandsCKristy, Sherri, Sam
3/19/23JonHold to God’s Unchanging HandDKristy, Sherri, Sam
3/19/23JonHe Will Hold Me FastAbKristy, Sherri, Sam
3/19/23JonThey’ll Know We are Christians by Our LoveEmKristy, Sherri, Sam
3/19/23JonHymn 186, The Church’s One Foundation CKristy, Sherri, Sam
3/12/23SherriI Lift My Eyes UpAKristy, Sam, Jonty
3/12/23SherriYou Alone Can RescueAKristy, Sam, Jonty
3/12/23SherriYour Great NameAKristy, Sam, Jonty
3/12/23SherriBeneath the Cross DKristy, Sam, Jonty
3/12/23SherriRevelation SongDKristy, Sam, Jonty
3/12/23SherriHymn 228, My Faith Has Found a Resting Place GKristy, Sam, Jonty
3/5/23RichardBe Exalted, O GodGDeborah, Camille
3/5/23RichardForeverADeborah, Camille
3/5/23RichardEverlastingADeborah, Camille
3/5/23RichardHymn 2, Love DivineGDeborah, Camille
3/5/23RichardHymn 40, Great is Thy FaithfulnessCDeborah, Camille
2/26/23JonJesus MessiahGSherri, Trina, Jonty
2/26/23JonAt the Cross (Love Ran Red)DSherri, Trina, Jonty
2/26/23JonLead Me to the CrossDSherri, Trina, Jonty
2/26/23JonO Church Arise (Arise Shine)DSherri, Trina, Jonty
2/26/23JonHymn 393, Take My Life and Let It BeDSherri, Trina, Jonty
2/19/23JontyBehold our GodBDeborah, Tory
2/19/23JontyHymn 13, Praise ye the Lord DDeborah, Tory
2/19/23JontyCome Behold the Wondrous MysteryDDeborah, Tory
2/19/23JontyHymn 268, How Firm a FoundationGDeborah, Tory
2/19/23JontyHymn 272, My Hope is Built on Nothing Less DDeborah, Tory
2/12/23SherriGraves Into GardensDKristy, Camille
2/12/23SherriHow Deep the Father's Love For Us DKristy, Camille
2/12/23SherriMy Worth Is Not in What I OwnDKristy, Camille
2/12/23SherriBehold the LambCKristy, Camille
2/12/23SherriThe Wonderful CrossDKristy, Camille
2/5/23CamilleNothing I Hold UntoFIlias, Caleb, Eli
2/5/23CamilleGive ThanksGIlias, Caleb, Eli
2/5/23CamilleHymn 17, Come, Thou FountDIlias, Caleb, Eli
2/5/23CamilleHymn 460, Leaning On The Everlasting Arms GIlias, Caleb, Eli
2/5/23CamilleRevelation SongDSeth, Sam H
2/5/23CamilleAmazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)DSeth, Sam H
1/29/23RichardIn Christ AloneDDeborah, Sherri
1/29/23RichardWhom Shall I FearADeborah, Sherri
1/29/23RichardAlleluiaDDeborah, Sherri
1/29/23RichardBe MagnifiedG Deborah, Sherri
1/29/23RichardHymn 42, All Hail the Power EDeborah, Sherri
1/22/23JonYou Alone Can Rescue ATrina, Sam, Sherri
1/22/23JonWonderful, Merciful SaviorCTrina, Sam, Sherri
1/22/23JonYet, Not I But Through Christ In MeCTrina, Sam, Sherri
1/22/23JonHe Will Hold Me FastAbTrina, Sam, Sherri
1/22/23JonChrist Be Beside MeCTrina, Sam, Sherri
1/22/23JonHymn 334, Be Thou My VisionDTrina, Sam, Sherri
1/15/23Jonty10,000 ReasonsEbKristy, Jonty
1/15/23JontyRock of AgesBbKristy, Jonty
1/15/23JontyBehold Our GodBbKristy, Jonty
1/15/23JontyHymn 40, Great is Thy FaithfulnessCKristy, Jonty
1/15/23JontyHe Will Hold Me FastAbKristy, Jonty
1/15/23JontyThis is My Father's World (Tommy Walker)C-DKristy, Jonty
1/8/23CamilleDear Refuge of My Weary Soul CSeth, Sam H
1/8/23CamilleI Lift My Eyes UpCSeth, Sam H
1/8/23CamilleAncient of DaysCSeth, Sam H
1/8/23CamillePsalm 62CSeth, Sam H
1/8/23CamilleGod of This CityASeth, Sam H
1/8/23CamilleHymn 37, How Great Thou ArtGSeth, Sam H
1/1/23SherriHymn 34, Immortal, InvisibleGKristy, Sam H
1/1/23SherriBeautiful Star of BethlehemDKristy, Sam H
1/1/23SherriHymn 96, As With Gladness Men of OldGKristy, Sam H
1/1/23SherriWe Three Kings of Orient AreEmKristy, Sam H
1/1/23SherriWho Am IGKristy, Sam H
1/1/23SherriShine Jesus, ShineGKristy, Sam H
12/25/22RichardHymn 83, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel EmSherri, Kory
12/25/22RichardYour Name, Your NameDSherri, Kory
12/25/22RichardLet all Mortal Flesh Keep SilenceDmSherri, Kory
12/25/22RichardHymn 93, Hark! the Herald Angels SingESherri, Kory
12/25/22RichardHymn 92, O little Town of BethlehemESherri, Kory
12/25/22RichardHymn 85, Silent NightASherri, Kory
12/25/22RichardHymn 100, O Come All Ye Faithful GSherri, Kory
12/25/22RichardHymn 89, Angels We Have Heard on HighESherri, Kory
12/18/22 (Candlelight Service)JontyO Come, All You UnfaithfulETory, Trina
12/18/22 (Candlelight Service)JontyHymn 84, Come, Thou Long Expected JesusDTory, Trina
12/18/22 (Candlelight Service)JontyHymn 89, Angels We Have Heard on HighETory, Trina
12/18/22 (Candlelight Service)JontyHymn 100, O Come All Ye Faithful GTory, Trina
12/18/22 (Candlelight Service)JontyJoy to the world (Unspeakeable joy)ATory, Trina
12/18/22 (Candlelight Service) JontyThe First Noel (Born is the King)GDeborah, Sherri
12/18/22SherriChrist is Born (Christmas Special)AudiotrackChoir
12/18/22SherriI Heard the Bells on Christmas DayAudiotrackChoir
12/18/22SherriChristmas SanctusChoir
12/18/22SherriHoly ChildEMcKinley
12/18/22SherriSing We The Song of Emmanuel EMcKinley
12/18/22SherriHymn 85, Silent NightGMcKinley
12/18/22SherriHymn 98, I Heard the Bells on Christmas DayDMcKinley
12/11/22JontyHymn 84, Come, Thou Long Expected JesusDGracie, Evelyn, Kristy, Seth
12/11/22JontyHymn 94, What Child is This?EmGracie, Evelyn, Kristy, Seth
12/11/22JontyHymn 93, Hark! The Herald Angels SingDGracie, Evelyn, Kristy, Seth
12/11/22JontyJoy has DawnedDGracie, Evelyn, Kristy, Seth
12/11/22JontyA Communion Hymn for Christmas DGracie, Evelyn, Kristy, Seth
12/11/22JontyJoy to the World (Joy, Unspeakable Joy)A - BGracie, Evelyn, Kristy, Seth
12/04/22CamilleHe's Got the Whole World in His Hands Children
12/04/22CamilleHymn 100, O Come, All Ye FaithfulChildren
12/04/22CamilleGod Loved The WorldCSam, McKinley, Deborah, Kristy, Children
12/04/22CamilleGod Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen Camille, Caleb
12/04/22CamilleHymn 89, Angels We Have Heard on HighCamille, Caleb
11/27/22JonHymn 83, O Come, O Come, EmmanuelEmSherri, Trina
11/27/22JonEmmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)GSherri, Trina
11/27/22JonSing We the Song of Emmanuel ESherri, Trina
11/27/22JonEmmanuelCSherri, Trina
11/27/22JonHere I Am To WorshipDSherri, Trina
11/27/22JonHymn 101, Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne DSherri, Trina
11/20/22JontyHymn 42, All Hail the Power EDeborah, Camille
11/20/22JontyHow Can I Keep From SingingEDeborah, Camille
11/20/22JontyYou Are My KingDDeborah, Camille
11/20/22JontyWhat a Beautiful NameDDeborah, Camille
11/20/22JontyHymn 39, This Is My Father's WorldCDeborah, Camille
11/20/22JontyHymn 46, O For a Thousand Tongues to SingG - ADeborah, Camille
11/13/22SherriAlleluiaDKristy, Sherri, Sam. H
11/13/22SherriHymn 175, Standing on the PromisesAKristy, Sherri, Sam. H
11/13/22SherriSame PowerDKristy, Sherri, Sam. H
11/13/22SherriYet Not I, But Through Christ in MeDKristy, Sherri, Sam. H
11/13/22SherriBehold the Lamb CKristy, Sherri, Sam. H
11/13/22SherriCome Behold the Wondrous MysteryDKristy, Sherri, Sam. H
11/06/22CamilleHymn 36, A Mighty Fortress is Our GodCSeth, Sam R.
11/06/22CamilleNothing I Hold OntoFSeth, Sam R.
11/06/22CamillePsalm 62CSeth, Sam R.
11/06/22CamilleRaise a HallelujahCSeth, Sam R.
11/06/22CamilleEverlasting GodASeth, Sam R.
11/06/22CamilleHymn 460, Leaning on the Everlasting ArmsGSeth, Sam R.
10/30/22Richard Let Us Exalt His Name TogetherEmSherri, Deborah, Sam H, Jonty
10/30/22RichardI Will Call Upon the LordDSherri, Deborah, Sam H, Jonty
10/30/22RichardPraise the Name of JesusDSherri, Deborah, Sam H, Jonty
10/30/22RichardYou Are My Hiding placeDSherri, Deborah, Sam H, Jonty
10/30/22RichardHymn 1, O Worship the KingGSherri, Deborah, Sam H, Jonty
10/30/22RichardHymn 290, Be Still, My SoulBSherri, Deborah, Sam H, Jonty
10/23/22Jonty Hymn 17, Come, Thou FountDTrina, Tory, Sam H
10/23/22Jonty His Mercy is MoreDTrina, Tory, Sam H
10/23/22Jonty Here is LoveDTrina, Tory, Sam H
10/23/22Jonty Whom Shall I Fear? (the God of Angel Armies)ATrina, Tory, Sam H
10/23/22Jonty Ancient of DaysCTrina, Tory, Sam H
10/16/22JonI Will Call Upon the LordDKristy, Sherri, Jon, Camille
10/16/22JonI Go to the RockDKristy, Sherri, Jon, Camille
10/16/22JonThe Solid Rock (echo version)DKristy, Sherri, Jon, Camille
10/16/22JonHymn 354, What a Friend We Have in JesusDKristy, Sherri, Jon, Camille
10/16/22JonPromisesCKristy, Sherri, Jon, Camille
10/16/22JonYour Grace Is Enough
GKristy, Sherri, Jon, Camille
10/09/22CamilleI Lift My Eyes Up (Psalm 121)CCamille, Seth
10/09/22CamilleIndescribable CCamille, Seth
10/09/22CamilleGod, You ReignCCamille, Seth
10/09/22CamillePromisesCCamille, Seth
10/09/22CamilleOfferingDCamille, Seth
10/09/22CamilleThe BlessingECamille, Seth
10/02/22SherriLord I Need YouESherri, Kristy, Sam H. Jonty
10/02/22SherriBonesCSherri, Kristy, Sam H. Jonty
10/02/22SherriHow Can I Keep From SingingESherri, Kristy, Sam H. Jonty
10/02/22SherriDear Refuge of My Weary SoulDSherri, Kristy, Sam H. Jonty
10/02/22SherriIt is Well with My SoulCSherri, Kristy, Sam H. Jonty
09/25/22Richard King of KingsEmTory, Deborah, Sam H., Jonty
09/25/22RichardYou Are Holy (Prince of Peace)ETory, Deborah, Sam H., Jonty
09/25/22RichardIsn't HeATory, Deborah, Sam H., Jonty
09/25/22RichardHow Majestic of Your NameATory, Deborah, Sam H., Jonty
09/25/22RichardThe God of Abraham PraiseATory, Deborah, Sam H., Jonty
9/18/22JontyYou are My VisionEKristy, Camille, Jonty
9/18/22JontyWho You Say I AmAKristy, Camille, Jonty
9/18/22JontyWhom Shall I Fear? (God of Angel Armies)AKristy, Camille, Jonty
9/18/22JontyIn Christ AloneEKristy, Camille, Jonty
9/18/22JontyChrist Our Hope in Life and DeathEKristy, Camille, Jonty
9/18/22JontyHymn 40, Great is Thy FaithfulnessCKristy, Camille, Jonty
9/11/22JonAll Hail the Power of Jesus NameESherri, McKinley, Sam H
9/11/22JonSoon and Very SoonESherri, McKinley, Sam H
9/11/22JonThe King is Coming(G), ASherri, McKinley, Sam H
9/11/22JonKeep Your Lamps Trimmed and BurningEmSherri, McKinley, Sam H
9/11/22JonHis Mercy is MoreESherri, McKinley, Sam H
9/11/22JonCome Let Us Worship ChristASherri, McKinley, Sam H
9/4/22Jonty10,000 ReasonsGDeborah, Jonty
9/4/22JontyThis is Amazing GraceDDeborah, Jonty
9/4/22JontyCome Behold the Wondrous MysteryDDeborah, Jonty
9/4/22JontyYet Not I, But Through Christ in MeDDeborah, Jonty
9/4/22JontyI Just Want to Thank You Lord CDeborah, Jonty
9/4/22JontyMy Jesus, I Love TheeD, EDeborah, Jonty
8/28/22SherriForeverGSherri, Kristy, Trina
8/28/22SherriHymn 291, Guide me, O Thou Great JehovahGSherri, Kristy, Trina
8/28/22SherriGod Will Make A WayGSherri, Kristy, Trina
8/28/22SherriAncient of DaysCSherri, Kristy, Trina
8/28/22SherriAlleluiaDSherri, Kristy, Trina
8/28/22SherriHymn 17, Come, Thou FountCSherri, Kristy, Trina
8/21/22CamilleHymn 40, Great is Thy FaithfulnessCCamille, Sam H, Jonty
8/21/22CamilleThis is Amazing GraceCCamille, Sam H, Jonty
8/21/22CamilleGive Us Clean HandsFCamille, Sam H, Jonty
8/21/22CamilleHymn 268, How Firm a FoundationFCamille, Sam H, Jonty
8/21/22CamilleCome to the WaterDCamille, Sam H, Jonty
8/21/22CamilleDays of ElijahG - ACamille, Sam H, Jonty
08/14/22ToryThe Battle Belongs to the LordEmTory, Deborah, Sam H, Jonty
08/14/22ToryBlessed Be your NameATory, Deborah, Sam H, Jonty
08/14/22ToryHow Great is our GodATory, Deborah, Sam H, Jonty
08/14/22ToryI Will DelightGTory, Deborah, Sam H, Jonty
08/14/22ToryGod Will Make a WayGTory, Deborah, Sam H, Jonty
08/14/22ToryStanding on the PromisesATory, Deborah, Sam H, Jonty
08/07/22Richard Come People of the Risen CDeborah, Sam H, Jonty
08/07/22RichardWho Am I?GDeborah, Sam H, Jonty
08/07/22RichardAlleluiaDDeborah, Sam H, Jonty
08/07/22RichardThe Steadfast Love of the Lord DDeborah, Sam H, Jonty
08/07/22RichardJesus, What a Wonder You areDDeborah, Sam H, Jonty
08/07/22RichardHymn 73, May Jesus Christ be PraisedCDeborah, Sam H, Jonty
7/31/22CamilleHow Majestic is Your NameACamille, Seth, Sam R
7/31/22CamilleHow Can I Keep from SingingDCamille, Seth, Sam R
7/31/22CamilleMajesty (Jack Hayford)GCamille, Seth, Sam R
7/31/22CamilleHymn 37, How Great Thou ArtGCamille, Seth, Sam R
7/31/22CamilleYour Great NameGCamille, Seth, Sam R
7/31/22CamilleWhom Shall I Fear? (God of Angel Armies)GCamille, Seth, Sam R
7/24/22SherriHymn 13, Praise Ye the LordTory, Sherri
7/24/22SherriWhat Can I Do?Tory, Sherri
7/24/22SherriRaise a HallelujahTory, Sherri
7/24/22SherriTen Thousand ReasonsTory, Sherri
7/24/22SherriFacing a Task UnfinishedTory, Sherri
7/24/22SherriYet Not I, but Through Christ in MeTory, Sherri
7/17/22RichardDoxologyGDeborah, Kristy, Sherri
7/17/22RichardSeek Ye FirstCDeborah, Kristy, Sherri
7/17/22RichardHymn 17, Come Thou FountDDeborah, Kristy, Sherri
7/17/22RichardBlessed Be Your NameADeborah, Kristy, Sherri
7/17/22RichardHymn 40, Great Is Thy FaithfulnessDDeborah, Kristy, Sherri
7/17/22RichardThe BlessingGDeborah, Kristy, Sherri
7/10/22JonHis Mercy Is MoreDTrina, Sam, Sherri
7/10/22JonAt the CrossDTrina, Sam, Sherri
7/10/22JonAt the Cross (Love Ran Red)DTrina, Sam, Sherri
7/10/22JonThis Is Amazing GraceDTrina, Sam, Sherri
7/10/22JonBehold the Lamb (Communion Hymn)CTrina, Sam, Sherri
7/10/22JonHymn 236, Amazing GraceGTrina, Sam, Sherri
7/3/22ToryAwesome GodEmKristy, Deborah, Tory, Sam H
7/3/22ToryWho Am IGKristy, Deborah, Tory, Sam H
7/3/22ToryMy Savior, My GodBbKristy, Deborah, Tory, Sam H
7/3/22ToryThis is Amazing GraceDKristy, Deborah, Tory, Sam H
7/3/22ToryHymn #2, Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (Beecher)GKristy, Deborah, Tory, Sam H
7/3/22ToryHymn #532 God of Our FathersDKristy, Deborah, Tory, Sam H
6/26/22JontyEverlastingATrina, Tory, Jonty
6/26/22JontyCrown Him with Many CrownsDTrina, Tory, Jonty
6/26/22JontyHow Deep the Father Love for UsDTrina, Tory, Jonty
6/26/22JontyHere is LoveDTrina, Tory, Jonty
6/26/22JontyMajestyATrina, Tory, Jonty
6/26/22JontyMy Jesus, I love TheeD-ETrina, Tory, Jonty
6/19/22SherriThis is My Father's World (Tommy Walker Version)C-DSherri, Kristy, Sam, Jonty
6/19/22SherriHe Knows My NameDSherri, Kristy, Sam, Jonty
6/19/22SherriGood, Good FatherESherri, Kristy, Sam, Jonty
6/19/22SherriWho You Say I AmGSherri, Kristy, Sam, Jonty
6/19/22SherriThe Ancient of DaysCSherri, Kristy, Sam, Jonty
6/19/22SherriJoyful, Joyful We Are Adore YouGSherri, Kristy, Sam, Jonty
06/12/22JonSoon and Very SoonDMcKinley, Sherri, Sam H
06/12/22JonDays of ElijahG - AMcKinley, Sherri, Sam H
06/12/22JonSwing Low, Sweet ChariotDMcKinley, Sherri, Sam H
06/12/22JonWhen the Saints Go Marching InDMcKinley, Sherri, Sam H
06/12/22JonI Just Want to Thank You LordC - DMcKinley, Sherri, Sam H
06/12/22JonEvery PraiseD - Eb - EMcKinley, Sherri, Sam H
6/5/22CamilleHere I Am to WorshipDCamille, Kristy, Sam
6/5/22CamilleHoly SpiritDCamille, Kristy, Sam
6/5/22CamilleAlleluiaDCamille, Kristy, Sam
6/5/22CamilleWe Fall DownDCamille, Kristy, Sam
6/5/22CamilleBreatheACamille, Kristy, Sam
6/5/22CamilleBreath on Me, Breath of God DCamille, Kristy, Sam
5/29/22Tory Come To The WaterDTory, Deborah, Jonty
5/29/22Tory Your Grace Is EnoughGTory, Deborah, Jonty
5/29/22Tory From The Inside OutBbTory, Deborah, Jonty
5/29/22Tory I Will FollowFTory, Deborah, Jonty
5/29/22Tory Who You Say I AmGTory, Deborah, Jonty
5/29/22Tory Just As I AmDTory, Deborah, Jonty
5/22/22RichardHymn 442, Praise Him! Praise Him!GDeborah, Tory, Jon
5/22/22RichardGentle Shepherd
DDeborah, Tory, Jon
5/22/22RichardShepherd’s SongDDeborah, Tory, Jon
5/22/22RichardHis Name Is WonderfulDDeborah, Tory, Jon
5/22/22RichardOf the Father’s Love BegottenCDeborah, Tory, Jon
Hymn 292, Surely Goodness and Mercy
DDeborah, Tory, Jon
5/15/22JonAt The Foot Of the CrossGSherri, Kristy
5/15/22JonYour Grace Is Sufficient CSherri, Kristy
5/15/22JonWhat The Lord Has Done In MeCSherri, Kristy
5/15/22JonArise My Soul AriseGSherri, Kristy
5/15/22JonCome To The WaterDSherri, Kristy
5/15/22JonCome Thou Fount (I Will Sing)CSherri, Kristy
5/8/22JontyDoxologyCTrina, Sam H, Jonty
5/8/22JontyAll Creatures of Our God and KingC - DTrina, Sam H, Jonty
5/8/22JontyYet Not I, But Through Christ in MeDTrina, Sam H, Jonty
5/8/22JontyAnd Can It BeETrina, Sam H, Jonty
5/8/22JontyBehold the Lamb (Communion Hymn)DTrina, Sam H, Jonty
5/8/22JontyWe Will StandGTrina, Sam H, Jonty
5/8/22JontyThe Solid RockDTrina, Sam H, Jonty
5/1/22ToryEverlastingATory, Deborah, Jonty
5/1/22ToryYou ShineDTory, Deborah, Jonty
5/1/22ToryHere I Am To WorshipDTory, Deborah, Jonty
5/1/22ToryYou Are My King (Amazing Love)DTory, Deborah, Jonty
5/1/22ToryBe Thou My VisionDTory, Deborah, Jonty
5/1/22ToryShine, Jesus, ShineGTory, Deborah, Jonty
4/17/22 JontyChrist the Lord is Risen TodayC - DEaster Service
4/17/22 JontyResurrection HymnDEaster Service
4/17/22 JontyCrown Him with Many CrownsDEaster Service
4/17/22 JontyCome Behold the Wondrous MysteryFEaster Service
4/17/22 JontyIs He WorthyCEaster Service
4/17/22 JontyIn Christ AloneDEaster Service
4/17/22JontyChrist Our Hope in Life and Death DEaster Service
4/17/22Jon & SherriChrist AroseGSunrise Service
4/17/22Jon & SherriChrist the Lord is Risen TodayCSunrise Service
4/17/22Jon & SherriMorning Has BrokenCSunrise Service
4/17/22Jon & SherriAll Heaven DeclaresGSunrise Service
4/17/22Jon & SherriJoyful, Joyful We Adore TheeGSunrise Service
4/17/22Jon & SherriWhat a Beautiful Name It IsCSunrise Service
4/17/22Jon & SherriTo Him Who Sits on the Throne ASunrise Service
4/15/22 JontyJesus Paid It AllDGood Friday Service
4/15/22JontyBlessed RedeemerEmGood Friday Service
4/15/22JontyWhen I Survey the Wondrous CrossFGood Friday Service
4/15/22 JontyHow Deep the Father's Love For UsDGood Friday Service
4/14/22 JontyJesus MessiahGMaundy Thursday Service
4/14/22JontyBehold the LambDMaundy Thursday Service
4/14/22 JontyBlest Be The Tie That BindsDMaundy Thursday Service
4/10/22CamilleLord, I Lift Your Name on High
GCamille + Kids
4/10/22CamilleHosanna!, Hosanna!FCamille + Kids
4/10/22CamilleHosannaGCamille + Kids
4/10/22CamilleShout to the Lord ASeth, Kristy, Camille
4/10/22CamilleHow Great is Our GodASeth, Kristy, Camille
4/10/22CamilleGlory and Honor DSeth, Kristy, Camille
4/3/22RichardYour Love Oh LordGSherri, Deborah, Sam H
4/3/22RichardIn Thanksgiving Let Us Praise HimDSherri, Deborah, Sam H
4/3/22RichardBetter Is One Day (Psalm 84)DSherri, Deborah, Sam H
4/3/22RichardHymn 13, Praise Ye the Lord GSherri, Deborah, Sam H
4/3/22RichardHymn 82, God Be With You CSherri, Deborah, Sam H
3/27/22ToryYour Grace is EnoughGTory, Deborah, Kristy, Sam H
3/27/22ToryArise My Soul AriseGTory, Deborah, Kristy, Sam H
3/27/22ToryTurn Your Eyes upon JesusDTory, Deborah, Kristy, Sam H
3/27/22ToryAmazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)DTory, Deborah, Kristy, Sam H
3/27/22ToryHow Deep the Father's Love for UsDTory, Deborah, Kristy, Sam H
3/27/22ToryCome Thou Fount DTory, Deborah, Kristy, Sam H
3/20/22JonHymn 10, O God, Our Help in Ages PastCTrina, Sherri, Sam H, Jonty
3/20/22JonPsalm 62CTrina, Sherri, Sam H, Jonty
3/20/22JonYet Not I, But Through Christ in MeCTrina, Sherri, Sam H, Jonty
3/20/22JonHear My CryDTrina, Sherri, Sam H, Jonty
3/20/22JonDear Refuge of My Weary SoulDTrina, Sherri, Sam H, Jonty
3/20/22JonLord, I Need You ETrina, Sherri, Sam H, Jonty
3/13/22SherriCome, Now is the Time to WorshipD
3/13/22SherriLead me to the crossD
3/13/22SherriJesus MessiahG
3/13/22SherriCome behold the wondrous mysteryD
3/13/22SherriHere is loveD
3/13/22SherriHymn 44, And Can it beG
3/6/22CamilleHymn 40, Great Is Thy FaithfulnessSeth, Sam R., Stephen
3/6/22CamilleEverlasting GodSeth, Sam R., Stephen
3/6/22CamilleForeverSeth, Sam R., Stephen
3/6/22CamilleGlorious Day (Passion)Seth, Sam R., Stephen
3/6/22CamilleHymn 272, The Solid RockSeth, Sam R., Stephen
3/6/22CamilleGraves Into GardensSeth, Sam R., Stephen
2/27/22RichardHymn 84, Come, Thou Long Expected JesusDeborah, Tory
2/27/22RichardJesus, Name Above All NamesDeborah, Tory
2/27/22RichardPraise the Name of JesusDeborah, Tory
2/27/22RichardYou Are My Hiding PlaceDeborah, Tory
2/27/22RichardBe It Unto MeDeborah, Tory
2/27/22RichardLet Us Exalt His Name TogetherDeborah, Tory
2/20/22JontyWonderful, Merciful SaviorKristy, Sherri
2/20/22JontyAncient of DaysKristy, Sherri
2/20/22JontyLord, I Need YouKristy, Sherri
2/20/22JontyChrist Our Hope in Life and DeathKristy, Sherri
2/20/22JontyHymn 57, Jesus, I am RestingKristy, Sherri
2/20/22JontyCome Behold the Wondrous MysteryKristy, Sherri
2/13/22JonCome Thou Fount (I Will Sing)Sherri, Trina
2/13/22JonHow Can I Keep from SingingSherri, Trina
2/13/22JonTen Thousand ReasonsSherri, Trina
2/13/22JonHymn 125, Jesus Paid It AllSherri, Trina
2/13/22JonWhite As SnowSherri, Trina
2/13/22JonThy Mercy, My God, Is the Theme of My SongSherri, Trina
2/6/22ToryGod of WondersDeborah
2/6/22ToryHow Majestic Is Your NameDeborah
2/6/22ToryHymn 37, How Great Thou ArtDeborah
2/6/22ToryI Lift My Eyes UpDeborah
2/6/22ToryHymn 13, Praise Ye the LordDeborah
1/30/22SherriYou Alone Can RescueKristy
1/30/22Sherri(You Are My) All in AllKristy
1/30/22SherriGraves Into GardensKristy
1/30/22SherriYour Great NameKristy
1/30/22SherriCome, Behold the Wondrous Mystery (special)Kristy
1/30/22SherriHymn 442, Praise Him! Praise Him!Kristy
1/23/22RichardHymn 73, May Jesus Christ be PraisedTory, Deborah, Jonty, Sherri, Jon
1/23/22RichardFaithful MenTory, Deborah, Jonty, Sherri, Jon
1/23/22RichardThank You, Lord (Baloche and Moen)Tory, Deborah, Jonty, Sherri, Jon
1/23/22RichardShine, Jesus, ShineTory, Deborah, Jonty, Sherri, Jon
1/23/22RichardHymn 165, Holy Ghost, with Light DivineTory, Deborah, Jonty, Sherri, Jon
1/23/22RichardCome Let Us Worship ChristTory, Deborah, Jonty, Sherri, Jon
1/9/22JontyHymn 46, O For a Thousand Tongues to SingJake, Sam H., Kristy, Jonty, Jon
1/9/22JontyAll Creatures of Our God and KIngJake, Sam H., Kristy, Jonty, Jon
1/9/22JontyYou are Holy (Prince of Peace)Jake, Sam H., Kristy, Jonty, Jon
1/9/22JontyMighty to SaveJake, Sam H., Kristy, Jonty, Jon
1/9/22JontyJesus MessiahJake, Sam H., Kristy, Jonty, Jon
1/9/22JontyHymn 40, Great is Thy FaithfulnessJake, Sam H., Kristy, Jonty, Jon
1/2/22JonJoy Has DawnedJake, Kory, McKinley, Sherri, Jon
1/2/22JonHymn 96, As With Gladness, Men of OldJake, Kory, McKinley, Sherri, Jon
1/2/22JonEmmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)Jake, Kory, McKinley, Sherri, Jon
1/2/22JonOfferingJake, Kory, McKinley, Sherri, Jon
1/2/22JonYet Not I, But Through Christ in MeJake, Kory, McKinley, Sherri, Jon
1/2/22JonChrist Our Hope in Life and DeathJake, Kory, McKinley, Sherri, Jon
12/26/21ToryHymn 92, O Little Town of BethlehemTory, Jon, Sherri, Kory
12/26/21ToryWelcome to Our WorldTory, Jon, Sherri, Kory
12/26/21ToryO Holy NightTory, Jon, Sherri, Kory
12/26/21ToryHymn 94, What Child is This?Tory, Jon, Sherri, Kory
12/26/21ToryWonderful, Merciful SaviorTory, Jon, Sherri, Kory
12/26/21ToryHymn 90, It Came Upon a Midnight ClearTory, Jon, Sherri, Kory
12/19/21RichardHymn 83, O Come, O Come, EmmanuelJonty, Camille, Jake, Jon, Sherri
12/19/21RichardYour NameJonty, Camille, Jake, Jon, Sherri
12/19/21RichardLet All Mortal Flesh Keep SilenceJonty, Camille, Jake, Jon, Sherri
12/19/21RichardHark! The Herald Angels SingJonty, Camille, Jake, Jon, Sherri
12/19/21RichardOnce in Royal David's CityJonty, Camille, Jake, Jon, Sherri
12/19/21RichardHymn 85, Silent NightJonty, Camille, Jake, Jon, Sherri
12/19/21RichardHymn 100,O Come, All Ye FaithfulJonty, Camille, Jake, Jon, Sherri
12/19/21RichardHymn 89, Angels We Have Heard on HighJonty, Camille, Jake, Jon, Sherri
12/12/21CamilleHymn 85, Silent NightKids
12/12/21CamilleHymn 86, Away in a MangerKids
12/12/21CamilleGo Tell It on the MountainKids
12/12/21CamilleA Communion Hymn for ChristmasKids
12/12/21CamilleMighty to SaveKids
12/5/21JontyHymn 91, The First NoelSeth, Gracie, Kristy
12/5/21JontyJesus, Name Above All NamesSeth, Gracie, Kristy
12/5/21JontyOfferingSeth, Gracie, Kristy
12/5/21JontyHymn 83, O Come, O Come, EmmanuelSeth, Gracie, Kristy
12/5/21JontyHymn 94, What Child Is This?Seth, Gracie, Kristy
12/5/21JontyHymn 92, O Little Town of BethlehemSeth, Gracie, Kristy
11/28/21SherriHymn 84, Come, Thou Long Expected JesusKarissa, McKinley
11/28/21SherriO Come, All You UnfaithfulKarissa, McKinley
11/28/21SherriWelcome To Our WorldKarissa, McKinley
11/28/21SherriHoly ChildKarissa, McKinley
11/28/21SherriHymn 98, I Heard the Bells on Christmas DayKarissa, McKinley
11/28/21SherriLet All Things Now LivingKarissa, McKinley
11/21/21RichardBlessed Be Your NameDeborah, Sherri
11/21/21RichardCome Into His PresenceDeborah, Sherri
11/21/21RichardHe Has Made Me GladDeborah, Sherri
11/21/21RichardSanctuaryDeborah, Sherri
11/21/21RichardHymn 18, Now Thank We All Our GodDeborah, Sherri
11/21/21RichardLet All Things Now LivingDeborah, Sherri
11/14/21JontyThy Mercy, My God, Is the Theme of My SongTory, Kristy
11/14/21JontyKnowing YouTory, Kristy
11/14/21JontyWhat a Beautiful NameTory, Kristy
11/14/21JontyBehold the Lamb (Communion Hymn)Tory, Kristy
11/14/21JontyHymn 38, Joyful, Joyful, We Adore TheeTory, Kristy
11/7/21JonHymn 36, A Mighty Fortress Is Our GodSherri, Trina
11/7/21JonRaise a HallelujahSherri, Trina
11/7/21JonWhom Shall I Fear? (God of Angel Armies)Sherri, Trina
11/7/21JonHear My CrySherri, Trina
11/7/21JonYou Are My Hiding PlaceSherri, Trina
11/7/21JonO Church, AriseSherri, Trina
10/31/21ToryHymn 510, Shall We Gather at the RiverDeborah
10/31/21ToryYour Great NameDeborah
10/31/21ToryHymn 46, O for a Thousand Tongues to SingDeborah
10/31/21TorySong for the NationsDeborah
10/31/21ToryLet Us Exalt His Name TogetherDeborah
10/24/21SherriI Lift My Eyes Up
10/24/21SherriLord, I Need You
10/24/21SherriYet Not I, But Through Christ in Me
10/24/21SherriGod the Father of Your People
10/24/21SherriHymn 42, All Hail the Power
10/17/21CamilleHymn 31, All Creatures of Our God and KingKristy, Gracie, Evelyn
10/17/21CamilleHow Can I Keep from SingingKristy, Gracie, Evelyn
10/17/21CamilleAlleluiaKristy, Gracie, Evelyn
10/17/21CamilleDoxologyKristy, Gracie, Evelyn
10/17/21CamilleShout to the LordKristy, Gracie, Evelyn
10/17/21CamilleYou Are My VisionKristy, Gracie, Evelyn
10/10/21RichardUnto the House of the LordTory, Deborah
10/10/21RichardBetter Is One DayTory, Deborah
10/10/21RichardYou Are My All in AllTory, Deborah
10/10/21RichardHymn 176, Break Thou the Bread of LifeTory, Deborah
10/10/21RichardHymn 118, When I Survey the Wondrous CrossTory, Deborah
10/3/21JontyFamous OneTrina
10/3/21JontyOur God (is Greater)Trina
10/3/21JontyChrist, Our Hope in Life and DeathTrina
10/3/21JontyHow Firm a Foundation, hymn 268Trina
10/3/21JontyThis is My Father's World, hymn 39Trina
9/26/21JonFacing a Task UnfinishedSherri, Kristy, Gracie, Evelyn
9/26/21JonDays of ElijahSherri, Kristy, Gracie, Evelyn
9/26/21JonHere Am I (Brian Doerksen)Sherri, Kristy, Gracie, Evelyn
9/26/21JonLet Us ConsiderSherri, Kristy, Gracie, Evelyn
9/26/21JonWe Will Stand (chorus only)Sherri, Kristy, Gracie, Evelyn
9/26/21JonShout to the NorthSherri, Kristy, Gracie, Evelyn
9/19/21ToryAwesome GodKristy
9/19/21ToryHow Great is Our GodKristy
9/19/21ToryHow Great Thou Art, hymn 37Kristy
9/19/21ToryBe MagnifiedKristy
9/19/21ToryHow Deep the Father's Love for UsKristy
9/19/21ToryAmazing Love (You Are My King)Kristy
9/19/21ToryWhat the Lord Has Done in MeKristy
9/19/21ToryGreat is Thy Faithfulness, hymn 40Kristy
9/19/21ToryLord, I Need UYouiKristy
9/19/21ToryWhat a Friend We Have in Jesus, hymn 354Kristy
9/19/21ToryChrist, Our Hope in Life and DeathKristy
9/12/21SherriAncient of DaysTrina
9/12/21SherriYet Not I, But Through Christ in MeTrina
9/12/21SherriAmazing Grace, My Chains are GoneTrina
9/12/21SherriDear Refuge of My Weary SoulTrina
9/12/21SherriJoyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee, hymn 38Trina
9/5/21CamilleJesus, Name Above All Names
9/5/21CamilleWhat a Beautiful Name
9/5/21CamilleRevelation Song
9/5/21CamilleChrist Arose, hymn 138
9/5/21CamilleGlorious Day
8/29/21RichardHymn 452, My Savior's LoveDeborah, Sherri
8/29/21RichardAt the Cross (Love Ran Red)Deborah, Sherri
8/29/21RichardO Church, AriseDeborah, Sherri
8/29/21RichardHymn 113, The Old Rugged CrossDeborah, Sherri
8/29/21RichardHymn 186, The Church's One FoundationDeborah, Sherri
8/22/21JontyBeautiful SaviorTory
8/22/21JontyJesus MessiahTory
8/22/21JontyMy Worth Is Not in What I OwnTory
8/22/21JontyHere Is LoveTory
8/22/21JontyHymn 118, When I Survey the Wondrous CrossTory
8/22/21JontyWorthy Is the LambTory
8/15/21JonThy Mercy, My God, Is the Theme of My SongSherri, Trina
8/15/21JonHis Mercy Is MoreSherri, Trina
8/15/21JonAt the Cross (Love Ran Red)Sherri, Trina
8/15/21JonI Stand in Awe of YouSherri, Trina
8/15/21JonHymn 475, RedeemedSherri, Trina
8/8/21ToryBeauty for AshesDeborah
8/8/21ToryWho Am I?Deborah
8/8/21ToryWhite as SnowDeborah
8/8/21ToryWhat the Lord Has Done in MeDeborah
8/8/21ToryHymn 21, We Gather TogetherDeborah
8/8/21ToryBe It Unto MeDeborah
8/1/21SherriHymn 42, All Hail the PowerKarissa
8/1/21SherriWe Bow DownKarissa
8/1/21SherriWorthy Is the Lamb with Crown HimKarissa
8/1/21SherriRevelation SongKarissa
8/1/21SherriGlory and HonorKarissa
7/25/21CamilleShout to the LordKristy and family
7/25/21CamilleHymn 294, Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead UsKristy and family
7/25/21CamilleHe Has Made Me GladKristy and family
7/25/21CamilleForever (Tomlin)Kristy and family
7/25/21CamilleHymn 272, The Solid RockKristy and family
7/25/21CamilleHymn 256, It Is Well With My SoulKristy and family
7/18/21RichardI Will Call Upon the LordDeborah and Trina
7/18/21RichardMighty to SaveDeborah and Trina
7/18/21RichardTen Thousand ReasonsDeborah and Trina
7/18/21RichardJesus, What a Wonder You AreDeborah and Trina
7/18/21RichardHymn 57, Jesus, I Am RestingDeborah and Trina
7/11/21JonYet Not I, But Through Christ in MeSherri
7/11/21JonYou Are My All in AllSherri
7/11/21JonMore Precious Than SilverSherri
7/11/21JonYou Alone Can RescueSherri
7/11/21JonBehold the Lamb (Communion Hymn)Sherri
7/11/21JonHymn 334, Be Thou My VisionSherri
7/4/21JontyKnowing YouKristy, Gracie, Evelyn
7/4/21JontyIn Christ AloneKristy, Gracie, Evelyn
7/4/21JontyCornerstoneKristy, Gracie, Evelyn
7/4/21JontyI Give You My HeartKristy, Gracie, Evelyn
7/4/21JontyHymn 44, And Can It Be? (alternate lyrics)Kristy, Gracie, Evelyn
6/27/21ToryI Lift Your NameDeborah
6/27/21ToryJesus, Name Above All NamesDeborah
6/27/21ToryYour Great NameDeborah
6/27/21ToryYour NameDeborah
6/27/21ToryForever GratefulDeborah
6/27/21ToryHymn 393, Take My Life and Let It BeDeborah
6/20/21CamilleMighty to Save
6/20/21CamilleBetter Is One Day
6/20/21CamilleTrading My Sorrows
6/20/21CamilleAmazing Love (You Are My King)
6/20/21CamilleEverlasting God
6/13/21SherriDear Refuge of My Weary Soul
6/13/21SherriPsalm 62
6/13/21SherriOur Father in Heaven
6/13/21SherriBehold the Lamb (Communion Hymn)
6/13/21SherriThere Is a Day
6/6/21RichardHymn 39, This Is My Father's WorldDeborah, Tory, Sherri
6/6/21RichardHymn 40, Great Is Thy FaithfulnessDeborah, Tory, Sherri
6/6/21RichardThere Is a RedeemerDeborah, Tory, Sherri
6/6/21RichardGlorify Thy NameDeborah, Tory, Sherri
6/6/21RichardLet Us Exalt His Name TogetherDeborah, Tory, Sherri
6/6/21RichardLord, I Life Your Name on HighDeborah, Tory, Sherri
5/30/21JontyAnd Can It Be? (alternate to Hymn 40)Lil
5/30/21JontyYou Alone Can RescueLil
5/30/21JontyWhat a Beautiful NameLil
5/30/21JontyAncient of DaysLil
5/30/21JontyThere Is a DayLil
5/30/21JontyBuild Your Kingdom HereLil
5/23/21JonHymn 70, Holy, Holy, HolyKristy, Sherri
5/23/21JonLet the River FlowKristy, Sherri
5/23/21JonThere's a River of LifeKristy, Sherri
5/23/21JonAll Who Are ThirstyKristy, Sherri
5/23/21JonSame PowerKristy, Sherri
5/23/21JonHymn 485, Revive Us AgainKristy, Sherri
5/16/21SherriOpen the Eyes of My Heart, LordMcKinley
5/16/21SherriWorthy, You Are WorthyMcKinley
5/16/21SherriWorship the King Medley: O Worship the King; Come, Thou Almighty King; Rejoice the Lord Is KingMcKinley
5/16/21SherriAmazing Love (You Are My King)McKinley
5/16/21SherriChrist, Our Hope in Life and DeathMcKinley
5/16/21SherriWorthy Is the Lamb/Crown HimMcKinley
5/9/21ToryWhite as SnowSherri
5/9/21ToryHow Deep the Father's Love for UsSherri
5/9/21ToryAbove AllSherri
5/9/21ToryRock of Ages (Baloche)Sherri
5/9/21ToryI Lift My HandsSherri
5/9/21ToryHymn 256, It Is Well with My SoulSherri
5/2/21CamilleAncient of DaysSeth, Kristy
5/2/21CamilleGood, Good FatherSeth, Kristy
5/2/21CamilleForever (Tomlin)Seth, Kristy
5/2/21CamilleYour Grace Is EnoughSeth, Kristy
5/2/21CamilleHymn 460, Leaning on the Everlasting ArmsSeth, Kristy
4/25/21RichardCome, People of the Risen KingTory, Deborah
4/25/21RichardThe Battle Belongs to the LordTory, Deborah
4/25/21RichardOur God (Is Greater)Tory, Deborah
4/25/21RichardPraise the Name of JesusTory, Deborah
4/25/21RichardMy Life Is In You, LordTory, Deborah
4/25/21RichardHymn 291, Guide Me O Thou Great JehovahTory, Deborah
4/18/21JontyBe MagnifiedKristy
4/18/21JontyYou Alone Can RescueKristy
4/18/21JontyCome Thou Fount (I Will Sing)Kristy
4/18/21JontyO Come, All You UnfaithfulKristy
4/18/21JontyO Come, Let Us Adore HimKristy
4/18/21JontyForever (We Sing Hallelujah)Kristy
4/11/21JonHymn 255, Blessed AssuranceSherri
4/11/21JonThe Wonderful CrossSherri
4/11/21JonAt the Cross (Love Ran Red)Sherri
4/11/21JonWe Fall DownSherri
4/11/21JonHoliness (Take My Life)Sherri
4/11/21JonHymn 124, Jesus Paid It AllSherri
4/4/21SherriHymn 137, Christ the Lord Is Risen TodayAndrea, McKinley
4/4/21SherriAll Heaven DeclaresAndrea, McKinley
4/4/21SherriSee What a Morning (Resurrection Hymn)Andrea, McKinley
4/4/21SherriForever (We Sing Hallelujah)Andrea, McKinley
4/4/21SherriHe's Alive (Special)Andrea, McKinley
4/4/21SherriChrist, Our Hope in Live and DeathAndrea, McKinley
4/4/21SherriGlorious DayAndrea, McKinley
3/28/21CamilleHosanna! Hosanna!Kristy and family
3/28/21CamilleIn the Name of the LordKristy and family
3/28/21CamilleGlory and HonorKristy and family
3/28/21CamilleWe Will GlorifyKristy and family
3/28/21CamilleHosannaKristy and family
3/28/21CamilleHymn 107, Hosanna, Lour HosannaKristy and family
3/21/21ToryBe It Unto Me
3/21/21ToryFrom the Inside Out
3/21/21ToryYou Shine
3/21/21ToryChrist, Our Hope in Life and Death
3/14/21SherriJesus MessiahMary Evlyn
3/14/21SherriHis Mercy Is MoreMary Evlyn
3/14/21SherriHymn 37, How Great Thou ArtMary Evlyn
3/14/21SherriBehold the Lamb (Communion Hymn)Mary Evlyn
3/14/21SherriHymn 268, How Firm a FoundationMary Evlyn
3/7/21RichardMighty to SaveLinda
3/7/21RichardThere Is a RedeemerLinda
3/7/21RichardSalvation Belongs to Our GodLinda
3/7/21RichardHymn 126, Rock of AgesLinda
3/7/21RichardShine, Jesus, ShineLinda
2/28/21CamilleLord, I Lift Your Name on High
2/28/21CamilleHow Great Is Our God/How Great Thou Art chorus
2/28/21CamilleHymn 256, It Is Well with My Soul
2/21/21JontyI Love You, Lord
2/21/21JontyGood, Good Father
2/21/21JontyKnowing You
2/21/21JontyHow Deep the Father's Love for Us
2/21/21JontyYet Not I, But Through Christ in Me
2/21/21JontyThe Blessing
2/14/21ToryHe Loves Me
2/14/21ToryAmazing Love (You Are My King)
2/14/21ToryThe Steadfast Love of the Lord
2/14/21ToryLove One Another
2/14/21ToryHymn 61, O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
1/24/21SherriThere Is a RedeemerKristy, Gracie, Evelyn
1/24/21SherriAmazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)Kristy, Gracie, Evelyn
1/24/21SherriYet Not I, But Through Christ in MeKristy, Gracie, Evelyn
1/24/21SherriReprise: Yet Not I, But Through Christ in MeKristy, Gracie, Evelyn
1/24/21SherriHymn 314, I Am Thine, O LordKristy, Gracie, Evelyn
1/17/21RichardBe MagnifiedSherri
1/17/21RichardOpen the Eyes of My HeartSherri
1/17/21RichardHere I Am to WorshipSherri
1/17/21RichardCome, People of the Risen KingSherri
1/17/21RichardHymn 204, Turn Your Eyes Upon JesusSherri
1/10/21JontyYou Are My VisionKristy, Tory
1/10/21JontyTen Thousand ReasonsKristy, Tory
1/10/21JontyWe Fall DownKristy, Tory
1/10/21JontyPass Me Not, O Gentle SaviorKristy, Tory
1/10/21JontyAncient of DaysKristy, Tory
1/3/21CamilleWe Three Kings
1/3/21CamilleAs with Gladness Men of Old
1/3/21CamilleWe Will Glorify
1/3/21CamilleWe Fall Down
1/3/21CamilleO Come, Let Us Adore Him
12/27/20SherriWelcome to Our World
12/27/20SherriO Come, All You Unfaithful
12/27/20SherriAll Who Are Thirsty
12/27/20SherriHoly Child
12/27/20SherriJoy to the World (Unspeakable Joy)
12/20/20RichardHymn 83, O Come, O Come, EmmanuelLessons & Carols
12/20/20RichardYour NameLessons & Carols
12/20/20RichardLet All Mortal Flesh Keep SilenceLessons & Carols
12/20/20RichardHark! The Herald Angels SingLessons & Carols
12/20/20RichardHymn 92, O Little Town of BethlehemLessons & Carols
12/20/20RichardHymn 85, Silent NightLessons & Carols
12/20/20RichardHymn 100, O Come, All Ye FaithfulLessons & Carols
12/20/20RichardHymn 89, Angels We Have Heard on HighLessons & Carols
12/13/20CamilleHymn 89, Angels We Have Heard on HighChildren/Youth
12/13/20CamilleHymn 100, O Come, All Ye FaithfulChildren/Youth
12/13/20CamilleGo Tell It on the MountainChildren/Youth
12/13/20CamilleOffering (Christmas version)Children/Youth
12/13/20CamilleJoyful, Joyful We Adore (Christmas version)Children/Youth
12/6/20CamilleAlleluiaRabon family
12/6/20CamilleHow Can I Keep from SingingRabon family
12/6/20CamilleHymn 93, Hark! The Herald Angels SingRabon family
12/6/20CamilleArise, Shine/EmmanuelRabon family
12/6/20CamilleHymn 84, Come, Thou Long-Expected JesusRabon family
11/29/20SherriHymn 99, Angels from the Realms of Glory(Karissa, Jan)
11/29/20SherriHymn 94, What Child Is This?(Karissa, Jan)
11/29/20SherriEmmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)(Karissa, Jan)
11/29/20SherriO Come, All You Unfaithful(Karissa, Jan)
11/29/20SherriJoy Has Dawned(Karissa, Jan)
11/22/20JontyCome People of the Risen KingLil, Sherri
11/22/20JontyHis Mercy Is MoreLil, Sherri
11/22/20JontyAncient of Days (CityAlight)Lil, Sherri
11/22/20JontyHymn 272, The Solid RockLil, Sherri
11/22/20JontyIn Christ AloneLil, Sherri
11/15/20JonHymn 61, O the Deep, Deep Love of JesusAbbie, Ruthie, Sherri
11/15/20JonShout to the NorthAbbie, Ruthie, Sherri
11/15/20JonSong for the NationsAbbie, Ruthie, Sherri
11/15/20JonI Want the World to KnowAbbie, Ruthie, Sherri
11/15/20JonThe BlessingAbbie, Ruthie, Sherri
11/8/20ToryWonderful, Merciful SaviorSherri
11/8/20ToryOnly by GraceSherri
11/8/20ToryAmazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)Sherri
11/8/20ToryLet Us ConsiderSherri
11/8/20ToryMicah 6:8Sherri
11/8/20ToryHymn 186, The Church's One FoundationSherri
11/1/20ChrisHere I Am to WorshipAnna
11/1/20ChrisWho You Say I AmAnna
11/1/20ChrisSame PowerAnna
11/1/20ChrisGod, You ReignAnna
10/25/20SherriThe Battle Belongs to the Lord
10/25/20SherriWhom Shall I Fear? (God of Angel Armies)
10/25/20SherriYour Great Name
10/25/20SherriSeek Ye First
10/25/20SherriChrist, Our Hope in Life and Death
10/18/20BradCome Into His Presence
10/18/20BradGreat and Mighty Is He
10/18/20BradAh, Lord God
10/18/20BradRevelation Song
10/18/20BradOur God (Is Greater)
10/18/20BradWorthy Is the Lamb / Crown Him
10/11/20CamilleHymn 46, Or for a Thousand Tongues to sing
10/11/20CamilleCome Thou Fount (I Will Sing) (Tomlin)
10/11/20CamilleFamous One
10/11/20CamilleAncient of Days
10/11/20CamilleTen Thousand Reasons
10/4/20JontyHymn 42, All Hail the PowerAndrea
10/4/20JontyBeautiful SaviorAndrea
10/4/20JontyJesus Paid It All (expanded version)Andrea
10/4/20JontyLord, I Need YouAndrea
10/4/20JontyGod, You ReignAndrea
9/27/20ChrisGlorious Day (Passion)
9/27/20ChrisGod, You Reign
9/27/20ChrisGrace Like Rain
9/27/20ChrisSalvation Belongs to Our God
9/27/20ChrisBuild Your Kingdom Here
9/20/20ToryJesus, Name Above All Names
9/20/20ToryWho Am I?
9/20/20ToryThank You, Lord (short version)
9/20/20ToryLord Most High
9/20/20ToryHymn 37, How Great Thou Art
9/13/20RichardHymn 13, Praise Ye the LordLil
9/13/20RichardHymn 268, How Firm a FoundationLil
9/13/20RichardHymn 42, All Hail the PowerLil
9/13/20RichardHymn 70, Holy, Holy HolyLil
9/13/20RichardHymn 73, May Jesus Christ Be PraisedLil
9/6/20ChrisMy Savior, My God
9/6/20ChrisBetter Is One Day
9/6/20ChrisAll Creatures (David Crowder)
9/6/20ChrisYou Are My All in All
9/6/20ChrisIt Is You
8/30/20SherriHymn 268, How Firm a Foundation
8/30/20SherriYour Love, Oh Lord
8/30/20SherriI Will Delight
8/30/20SherriHoly and Anointed One
8/30/20SherriHis Mercy Is More
8/23/20JonHis Mercy Is MoreTory, Andrea
8/23/20JonThy Mercy, My God, Is the Theme of My SongTory, Andrea
8/23/20JonGive Us Clean HandsTory, Andrea
8/23/20JonOne Pure and Holy PassionTory, Andrea
8/23/20JonHymn 236, Amazing GraceTory, Andrea
8/16/20CamilleLord, I Lift Your Name on High
8/16/20CamilleGlory and Honor
8/16/20CamilleYou Are My Vision
8/16/20CamilleGlorify Thy Name
8/16/20CamilleHymn 496, Victory in Jesus
8/9/20RichardLet Us Exalt His Name TogetherKristy
8/9/20RichardThere Is A RedeemerKristy
8/9/20RichardSalvation Belongs To Our GodKristy
8/9/20RichardShine, Jesus, ShineKristy
8/9/20RichardMighty To SaveKristy
8/9/20RichardHymn 127, Hallelujah! What a Savior!Kristy
8/2/20JonHymn 257, Tis So Sweet to Trust in JesusSherri
8/2/20JonHe Is JehovahSherri
8/2/20JonShout to the NorthSherri
8/2/20JonHow Great Is Our God (with chorus to How Great Thou Art)Sherri
8/2/20JonThe BlessingSherri
7/26/20JontyCome People of the Risen KingAndrea, Brad
7/26/20JontyBeautiful Savior (All My Days)Andrea, Brad
7/26/20JontyGood Good FatherAndrea, Brad
7/26/20JontyLord I Need You (Christy Nickles)Andrea, Brad
7/26/20JontyThe BlessingAndrea, Brad
7/19/20SherriHoly Ground (Geron Davis)Trina
7/19/20SherriHere Am ITrina
7/19/20SherriFacing a Task UnfinishedTrina
7/19/20SherriWe Will StandTrina
7/19/20SherriTo Him Who Sits on the ThroneTrina
7/12/20BradHymn 32, Blessed Be the NameLeah
7/12/20BradHymn 61, O the Deep, Deep Love of JesusLeah
7/12/20BradVictory ChantLeah
7/12/20BradHymn 17, Come Thou FountLeah
7/12/20BradHymn 38, Joyful, Joyful We Adore TheeLeah
7/5/20TorySong for the NationsSherri
7/5/20ToryGod of WondersSherri
7/5/20ToryI Will FollowSherri
7/5/20ToryHymn 531, America the BeautifulSherri
6/28/20DanielYou Shine
6/28/20DanielHow Deep the Father's Love for Us
6/28/20DanielIn Christ Alone
6/28/20DanielBe Magnified
6/28/20DanielHymn 318, I Need Thee Every Hour
6/21/20BradI Will Call Upon the LordKristy
6/21/20BradSoul on FireKristy
6/21/20BradGood, Good FatherKristy
6/21/20BradBlessed Be Your NameKristy
6/21/20BradHymn 496, Victory in JesusKristy
6/14/20CamilleMighty to SaveTory
6/14/20CamilleYour Grace Is EnoughTory
6/14/20CamilleHear Us from HeavenTory
6/14/20CamilleHymn 40, Great Is Thy FaithfulnessTory
6/7/20RichardI Was Glad When They Said Unto MeTory, Trina
6/7/20RichardLike a TreeTory, Trina
6/7/20RichardWe Bring the Sacrifice of PraiseTory, Trina
6/7/20RichardUnto the House of the LordTory, Trina
6/7/20RichardDays of ElijahTory, Trina
6/7/20RichardSurely Goodness and MercyTory, Trina
5/31/20JonHymn 70, Holy, Holy, HolySherri, Stacey
5/31/20JonBuild Your Kingdom HereSherri, Stacey
5/31/20JonHoly Spirit, Living Breath of GodSherri, Stacey
5/31/20JonBreatheSherri, Stacey
5/31/20JonSong for the NationsSherri, Stacey
5/24/20CamilleWe Bow Downonline
5/24/20CamilleGraves Into Gardensonline
5/24/20CamilleYou Are My Visiononline
5/24/20CamilleNothing I Hold Ontoonline
5/24/20CamilleHymn 37, How Great Thou Artonline (Stacey, Daniel)
5/17/20BradHymn 2, Love Divine, All Loves Excellingonline (Leah, Lil)
5/17/20BradWe Fall Downonline (Leah, Lil)
5/17/20BradLord, I Need Youonline
5/17/20BradIn Christ Aloneonline (Leah, Lil)
5/17/20BradHymn 393, Take My Life and Let It Beonline (Leah, Lil)
5/17/20BradHymn 508, For All the Saintsonline (Leah, Lil)
5/10/20ToryBe Magnifiedonline
5/10/20ToryGod Will Make a Wayonline (Jon, Sherri)
5/10/20ToryBreatheonline (Camille)
5/10/20ToryHymn 268, How Firm a Foundationonline
5/10/20ToryHymn 34, Immortal, Invisibleonline
5/3/20Jonty10,000 Reasonsonline
5/3/20JontyYou Alone Can Rescueonline
5/3/20JontyEverlasting Godonline (Camille)
5/3/20JontyPsalm 62online
5/3/20JontyHymn 204, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesusonline (Tory, Deborah)
5/3/20JontyHymn 40, Great Is Thy Faithfulnessonline (Stacey, Daniel)
4/26/20DanielHow Deep the Father's Love for Usonline (Stacey)
4/26/20DanielDays of Elijahonline
4/26/20DanielMy Savior, My Godonline (Rabons)
4/26/20DanielThy Wordonline
4/26/20DanielBe It Unto Meonline
4/26/20DanielHymn 351, Near the Crossonline
4/19/20RichardHymn 141, Look, Ye Saints! The Sight Is Gloriousonline
4/19/20RichardForever Gratefulonline
4/19/20RichardCome, People of the Risen Kingonline
4/19/20RichardYour Love, Oh Lordonline
4/19/20RichardPsalm 62online
4/19/20RichardHymn 10, O God, Our Help in Ages Pastonline
4/12/20SherriChrist the Lord Is Risen Today (Hymn 137)online
4/12/20SherriSee What a Morning (Resurrection Hymn)online
4/12/20SherriHe Is Risen (Graham Kendrick and Paul Baloche)online
4/12/20SherriChrist Arose (Hymn 138)online
4/12/20SherriGlorious Dayonline
4/12/20SherriAll My Hope (Crowder)online
4/12/20SherriCrown Him with Many Crowns (Hymn 62)online (Kikkerts)
4/5/20CamilleGlory and Honoronline
4/5/20CamilleEvery Praiseonline
4/5/20CamilleHosanna (Brook Fraser)online
4/5/20CamilleThe Blessing (Chris Brown…)online
3/29/20ToryGive Us Clean Handsonline
3/29/20ToryPraise You In This Stormonline
3/29/20ToryThis Is Amazing Graceonline
3/29/20ToryYour Grace Is Enoughonline
3/29/20ToryHymn 384, Where He Leads Meonline
3/29/20ToryAmazing Love (You Are My King)online
3/22/20JonHymn 27, I Sing the Mighty Power of Godonline
3/22/20JonMorning Has Brokenonline
3/22/20JonGod of Wondersonline
3/22/20JonLet All Things Now Livingonline
3/22/20JonHymn 31, All Creatures of Our God and Kingonline
3/8/20ChrisShow Me Your GloryBrad, Cecilia
3/8/20ChrisThe WellBrad, Cecilia
3/8/20ChrisJehovah JirehBrad, Cecilia
3/8/20ChrisHe ReignsBrad, Cecilia
3/8/20ChrisHymn 249, Just As I AmBrad, Cecilia
3/8/20ChrisHymn 40, Great Is Thy FaithfulnessBrad, Cecilia
3/1/20BradCome, People of the Risen KingTory, Jonty
3/1/20BradKing of KingsTory, Jonty
3/1/20BradLord Most HighTory, Jonty
3/1/20BradHymn 354, What a Friend We Have in JesusTory, Jonty
3/1/20BradI Love You, LordTory, Jonty
3/1/20BradYou Are Holy (Prince of Peace)Tory, Jonty
3/1/20BradHymn 445, No, Not OneTory, Jonty
2/23/20DanielYour Name (Baloche)Brad, Trina
2/23/20DanielShout to the LordBrad, Trina
2/23/20DanielHymn 37, How Great Thou ArtBrad, Trina
2/23/20DanielHow Great Is Our GodBrad, Trina
2/23/20DanielHe Is ExaltedBrad, Trina
2/23/20DanielHymn 264, I Come to the Garden AloneBrad, Trina
2/16/20SherriHow Deep the Father's Love for UsStacey
2/16/20SherriKnowing YouStacey
2/16/20SherriPsalm 62Stacey
2/16/20SherriHoly ChildStacey
2/16/20SherriChrist Be Beside MeStacey
2/16/20SherriThe Solid RockStacey
2/9/20RichardAmazing Love (You Are My King)
2/9/20RichardLord, I Lift Your Name on High
2/9/20RichardWorthy Is the Lamb/Crown Him with Many Crowns
2/9/20RichardHymn 44, And Can It Be?
2/9/20RichardHymn 118, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
2/2/20BradEverlasting GodKristy
2/2/20BradHymn 50, Fairest Lord JesusKristy
2/2/20BradGive You GloryKristy
2/2/20BradYour NameKristy
2/2/20BradHymn 318, I Need Thee Every HourKristy
2/2/20BradHymn 397, I Have Decided to Follow JesusKristy
1/26/20CamilleHoly Is the LordDaniel
1/26/20CamilleAlleluia (Chris Quilala…)Daniel
1/26/20CamilleGlorify Thy Name (chorus only)Daniel
1/26/20CamilleOpen the Eyes of My Heart, LordDaniel
1/26/20CamilleHymn 261, Trust and ObeyDaniel
1/19/20JonHymn 42, All Hail the PowerJonty, Trina, Stacey, Sherri
1/19/20JonJesus MessiahJonty, Trina, Stacey, Sherri
1/19/20JonForever GratefulJonty, Trina, Stacey, Sherri
1/19/20JonBeneath the Cross of Jesus (Getty)Jonty, Trina, Stacey, Sherri
1/19/20JonHumble KingJonty, Trina, Stacey, Sherri
1/19/20JonGive Us Clean HandsJonty, Trina, Stacey, Sherri
1/19/20JonHymn 26, Rejoice Ye Pure in HeartJonty, Trina, Stacey, Sherri
1/12/20ChrisHymn 31, All Creatures of Our God and King (new version)Tara, Cecilia, Nate
1/12/20ChrisCome to the WaterTara, Cecilia, Nate
1/12/20ChrisBeautiful the BloodTara, Cecilia, Nate
1/12/20ChrisHymn 113, The Old Rugged CrossTara, Cecilia, Nate
1/12/20ChrisHymn 125, Jesus Paid It All (Stanfill version)Tara, Cecilia, Nate
1/12/20ChrisHymn 431, I Love to Tell the StoryTara, Cecilia, Nate
1/5/20ToryHymn 96, As with Gladness, Men of OldDeborah, Leah
1/5/20ToryHere I Am to WorshipDeborah, Leah
1/5/20ToryHymn 94, What Child Is ThisDeborah, Leah
1/5/20ToryO Come, Let Us Adore HimDeborah, Leah
1/5/20ToryHymn 417, In Christ There Is No East or WestDeborah, Leah
1/5/20ToryLet All Mortal Flesh Keep SilenceDeborah, Leah
12/29/19RichardHymn 10, O God, Our Help in Ages PastDeborah, Brad
12/29/19RichardHymn 101, Thou Didst Leave Thy ThroneDeborah, Brad
12/29/19RichardHymn 292, Surely Goodness and MercyDeborah, Brad
12/29/19RichardGlorify Thy NameDeborah, Brad
12/29/19RichardHymn 23, Come, We That Love the LordDeborah, Brad
12/29/19Jean NooneHymn 38, Joyful, Joyful, We Adore TheeDeborah, Brad
12/22/19RichardHymn 83, O Come, O Come, EmmanuelLessons & Carols
12/22/19RichardYour NameLessons & Carols
12/22/19RichardLet All Mortal Flesh Keep SilenceLessons & Carols
12/22/19RichardHymn 93, Hark! The Herald Angels SingLessons & Carols
12/22/19RichardHymn 92, O Little Town of BethlehemLessons & Carols
12/22/19RichardHymn 85, Silent NightLessons & Carols
12/22/19RichardHymn 100, O Come, All Ye FaithfulLessons & Carols
12/22/19RichardHymn 89, Angels We Have Heard on HighLessons & Carols
12/15/19SherriThis Peaceful Night (special)Choir
12/15/19SherriHymn 94, What Child Is This?Choir
12/15/19SherriJoy Has DawnedChoir
12/15/19SherriHymn 38, Joyful, Joyful, We Adore TheeChoir
12/15/19SherriJoy to the World (Unspeakable Joy)Choir
12/15/19SherriAll Who Are ThirstyChoir
12/15/19SherriCome, Emmanuel (special)Choir
12/8/19JonHere I Am to WorshipYouth: Abbie, Noel, Tara, Nate
12/8/19JonLight of the StableYouth: Abbie, Noel, Tara, Nate
12/8/19JonEmmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)Youth: Abbie, Noel, Tara, Nate
12/8/19JonO Come Let Us Adore HimYouth: Abbie, Noel, Tara, Nate
12/8/19JonHoly ChildYouth: Abbie, Noel, Tara, Nate
12/8/19JonCome Let Us Worship ChristYouth: Abbie, Noel, Tara, Nate
12/1/19BradHymn 87, Joy to the Worldchildren
12/1/19BradHymn 84, Come Thou Long Expected Jesuschildren
12/1/19BradGo Tell It on the Mountainchildren
12/1/19BradHymn 83, O Come, O Come, Emmanualchildren
12/1/19BradGlorious Daychildren
11/24/19CamilleGive ThanksStacey, Brad
11/24/19CamilleForeverStacey, Brad
11/24/19CamilleBetter Is One DayStacey, Brad
11/24/19CamilleAll Who Are ThirstyStacey, Brad
11/24/19CamilleOfferingStacey, Brad
11/24/19CamilleHymn 21, We Gather TogetherStacey, Brad
11/17/19DanielCome Let Us Worship and Bow DownTrina, Brad
11/17/19DanielCome, Now Is the Time to WorshipTrina, Brad
11/17/19DanielWe Bring the Sacrifice of PraiseTrina, Brad
11/17/19DanielBlessed Be Your NameTrina, Brad
11/17/19DanielI Give You My HeartTrina, Brad
11/17/19DanielWonderful, Merciful SaviorTrina, Brad
11/17/19DanielHymn 127, Hallelujah! What a Savior!Trina, Brad
11/10/19ToryHymn 204, Turn Your Eyes Upon JesusDeborah, Chris
11/10/19ToryWho Am I?Deborah, Chris
11/10/19ToryHe Who Began a Good Work in YouDeborah, Chris
11/10/19ToryHymn 334, Be Thou My VisionDeborah, Chris
11/10/19ToryHymn 40, Be Thou My VisionDeborah, Chris
11/10/19ToryHow Deep the Father's Love for UsDeborah, Chris
11/3/19ChrisAncient of DaysBrad
11/3/19ChrisI Lift My Eyes UpBrad
11/3/19ChrisShow Me Your GloryBrad
11/3/19ChrisIt Is YouBrad
11/3/19ChrisHymn 36, A Mighty FortressBrad
10/27/19SherriDoxologyKristy, Daniel, Brad
10/27/19SherriHymn 13, Praise Ye the LordKristy, Daniel, Brad
10/27/19SherriWhat Can I Do?Kristy, Daniel, Brad
10/27/19SherriRaise a HallelujahKristy, Daniel, Brad
10/27/19Sherri10,000 ReasonsKristy, Daniel, Brad
10/27/19SherriHymn 204, Turn Your Eyes Upon JesusKristy, Daniel, Brad
10/27/19SherriRevelation SongKristy, Daniel, Brad
10/20/19RichardHymn 6, Come, Thou Almighty KingBrad, Tara
10/20/19RichardOur God (Is Greater)Brad, Tara
10/20/19RichardDays of ElijahBrad, Tara
10/20/19RichardHeart of WorshipBrad, Tara
10/20/19RichardHymn 236, Amazing GraceBrad, Tara
10/20/19RichardLet All Things Now LivingBrad, Tara
10/13/19JonI Go to the RockStacey, Sherri
10/13/19JonMighty to SaveStacey, Sherri
10/13/19JonYou Are My All in AllStacey, Sherri
10/13/19JonWe Break this BreadStacey, Sherri
10/13/19JonHymn 125, Jesus Paid it All (2 verses, part of medley)Stacey, Sherri
10/13/19JonHymn 249, Just As I Am (2 verses, part of medley)Stacey, Sherri
10/13/19JonArise, My Soul, AriseStacey, Sherri
10/6/19BradHymn medley: 483, O How I Love Jesus; 475, Redeemed; 50, Fairest Lord JesusLil, Linda
10/6/19BradRevelation SongLil, Linda
10/6/19BradBecause He LivesLil, Linda
10/6/19BradHymn 39, This Is My Father's WorldLil, Linda
10/6/19BradEverlastingLil, Linda
9/30/19DanielMajestyRachel, Trina
9/30/19DanielHow Majestic Is Your NameRachel, Trina
9/30/19DanielGlorify Thy NameRachel, Trina
9/30/19DanielHow Great Is Our GodRachel, Trina
9/30/19DanielI Lift My HandsRachel, Trina
9/30/19DanielHymn 264, In the GardenRachel, Trina
9/22/19CamilleEnoughDeborah, Sarah
9/22/19CamilleYou Are My All in AllDeborah, Sarah
9/22/19CamilleGood, Good FatherDeborah, Sarah
9/22/19CamilleAnother in the FireDeborah, Sarah
9/22/19CamilleYou Are My Hiding PlaceDeborah, Sarah
9/22/19CamilleHymn 354, What a Friend We Have in JesusDeborah, Sarah
9/15/19ChrisWho You Say I Am
9/15/19ChrisSweetly Broken
9/15/19ChrisThe Well
9/15/19ChrisHymn 70, Holy, Holy, Holy
9/15/19ChrisYour Love, Oh Lord
9/8/19RichardHymn 10, O God, Our Help in Ages Past
9/8/19RichardWonderful, Merciful Savior
9/8/19RichardThy Mercy, My God, Is the Theme of My Song
9/8/19RichardLet Us Exalt His Name Together
9/8/19RichardWorthy of My Days
9/8/19RichardHymn 44, And Can It Be?
9/1/19KarissaHymn 131, All Creatures of Our God and King
9/1/19KarissaI Will Worship
9/1/19KarissaHymn 333, May the Mind of Christ, My Savior
9/1/19KarissaMake Me a Servant
9/1/19KarissaAs I Worship You Alone
9/1/19KarissaHere Is Love
8/25/19BradHymn 36, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
8/25/19BradAmazing Love (You Are My King)
8/25/19BradBe Unto Your Name
8/25/19BradHymn 380, Rise Up, O Men of God!
8/25/19BradIn Christ Alone
8/18/19ToryHymn 138, Christ Arose
8/18/19ToryAll Heaven Declares
8/18/19ToryMy Savior, My God
8/18/19ToryAmazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
8/18/19ToryGlorious Day
8/18/19ToryHymn 137, Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
8/11/19RichardLet Us Exalt His Name Together
8/11/19RichardThere Is a Redeemer
8/11/19RichardSalvation Belongs to Our God
8/11/19RichardMighty to Save
8/11/19RichardHymn 127, Hallelujah! What a Savior!
8/11/19RichardHymn 118, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
8/4/19SherriWorship the King Medley: verses from Come Thou Almighty King, O Worship the King, Rejoice the Lord Is King
8/4/19SherriHe Is Exalted
8/4/19SherriWorthy, You Are Worthy
8/4/19SherriHow Great Is Our God
8/4/19SherriI Lift My Hands
8/4/19SherriHere I Am to Worship
8/4/19SherriHymn 62, Crown Him with Many Crowns
7/28/19ChrisHymn 198, There Is Power in the Blood
7/28/19ChrisGrace Finds Me
7/28/19ChrisGlorious Day (Passion)
7/28/19ChrisYour Grace Is Enough
7/28/19ChrisHymn 40, Great Is Thy Faithfulness
7/28/19ChrisHymn 496, Victory in Jesus
7/21/19CamilleHymn 42, All Hail the Power
7/21/19CamilleWhat a Beautiful Name
7/21/19CamilleHymn 204, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
7/21/19CamilleYour Great Name
7/21/19CamilleShine, Jesus, Shine
7/14/19CynthiaCelebration Medley: This is the Day, He Has Made Me Glad, Praise the Name of Jesus, I Will Call Upon the Lord, In the Name of Jesus, I Will Bless Thee O GLord
7/14/19CynthiaHymn 295, He Leadeth Me
7/7/19DanielWe Fall Down
7/7/19DanielHere I Am to Worship
7/7/19DanielHumble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord
7/7/19DanielHymn 222, There Is a Fountain
7/7/19DanielFrom the Inside Out
7/7/19DanielHymn 532, God of Our Fathers
6/30/19JonCome, People of the Risen King
6/30/19JonTrading My Sorrows
6/30/19JonI Will Rise
6/30/19JonHymn 256, It Is Well with My Soul
6/30/19JonHe Is Our Peace
6/30/19JonYou Are My All in All
6/30/19JonHymn 186, The Church's One Foundation
6/16/19ToryBe Magnified
6/16/19ToryWho Am I
6/16/19ToryO Lord, You're Beautiful
6/16/19ToryYou Shine
6/16/19ToryI Stand in Awe of You
6/16/19ToryHymn 37, How Great Thou Art
6/16/19RichardHymn 13, Praise Ye the Lord
6/16/19RichardWe Bring the Sacrifice of Praise
6/16/19RichardCome Let Us Worship Christ
6/16/19RichardPurify My Heart
6/16/19RichardHymn 108, All Glory, Laud, and Honor
6/9/19SherriGive Us Clean Hands
6/9/19SherriHoly Spirit, How I Love You
6/9/19SherriSame Power
6/9/19SherriBehold the Lamb (Communion Hymn)
6/9/19SherriHymn 163, Open My Eyes, That I May See
6/2/2019BradHymn 61, O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
6/2/2019BradMore Love, More Power
6/2/2019BradIt Is You
6/2/2019BradHow I Love You (You Are the One)
6/2/2019BradI Want the World to Know
6/2/2019BradHymn 449, To God Be the Glory
5/26/2019CamilleHymn 255, Blessed Assurance
5/26/2019CamilleNobody Loves Me Like You
5/26/2019CamilleCome Thou Fount (I Will Sing)
5/26/2019CamilleHymn 393, Take My Life and Let It Be
5/26/2019CamilleHymn 294, Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us
5/26/2019CamilleYou Are My Vision
5/19/2019RichardHymn 2, Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
5/19/2019RichardA Shield About Me
5/19/2019RichardI Lift My Hands
5/19/2019RichardHymn 131, Lift Up, Lift Up Your Voices Now
5/19/2019RichardShout to the Lord
5/19/2019RichardHymn 34, Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise
5/12/19ChrisBlessed Be Your Name
5/12/19ChrisGlorious Day (by Passion)
5/12/19ChrisPsalm 62
5/12/19ChrisSweetly Broken
5/12/19ChrisMy Savior, My God
5/5/19DanielThy Word
5/5/19DanielI Will Delight
5/5/19DanielBe It Unto Me
5/5/19DanielI Exalt Thee
5/5/19DanielHymn 255, Blessed Assurance
4/28/19ToryA Doxology
4/28/19ToryCome Let Us Worship Christ
4/28/19ToryHe Knows My Name
4/28/19ToryI'm Forever Grateful
4/28/19ToryHymn 294, Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us
4/28/19ToryHymn 392, O Jesus I Have Promised
4/21/19JonWere You There?
4/21/19JonSee What a Morning
4/21/19JonWorship His Majesty Medley (Crown Him, Majesty, All Heaven Declares, Worship Christ the Risen King)
4/21/19JonChrist Is Risen (Maher)
4/21/19JonHymn 137, Christ the Lord is Risen Today
4/14/19CamilleTen Thousand Reasons
4/14/19CamilleHosanna (Brook Fraser)
4/14/19CamilleGlory and Honor
4/7/19SherriI Give You My Heart
4/7/19SherriFrom the Inside Out
4/7/19SherriTurn My Heart
4/7/19SherriHymn 394, I Surrender All
4/7/19SherriCome to the Water
4/7/19SherriThe Stand
3/31/19BradI Was Glad When They Said Unto Me
3/31/19BradJehovah Jireh
3/31/19BradThank You, Lord (Baloche)
3/31/19BradLord, Reign In Me
3/31/19BradChrist Be Beside Me
3/31/19BradHymn 397, I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
3/24/19ToryThe Mercy, My God, Is the Theme of My Song
3/24/19ToryBecause He Lives
3/24/19ToryWho Am I?
3/24/19ToryAmazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
3/24/19ToryO Jesus, I Have Promised
3/17/19JonHymn 446, Satisfied
3/17/19JonWonderful, Merciful Savior
3/17/19JonBehold the Lamb (Communion Hymn)
3/17/19JonHymn 291, Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
3/10/19DanielI Will Worship
3/10/19DanielThe Solid Rock
3/10/19DanielSeek Ye First
3/10/19DanielAs the Deer
3/10/19DanielMore Precious Than Silver
3/10/19DanielHymn 44, And Can It Be?
3/3/19RichardA Doxology
3/3/19RichardGlorify Thy Name
3/3/19RichardAbove All
3/3/19RichardHow Great Is Our God
3/3/19RichardCome Let Us Worship Christ
3/3/19RichardHymn 6, Come, Thou Almighty King
2/24/19SherriBe Still and Know
2/24/19SherriHe Is Jehovah
2/24/19SherriOur God (Is Greater)
2/24/19SherriDear Refuge of My Weary Soul
2/24/19SherriJesus, You Are My Healer
2/24/19SherriHymn 42, All Hail the Power
2/17/19ChrisAll Who Are Thirsty
2/17/19ChrisCome to the Water
2/17/19ChrisWho You Say I Am
2/17/19ChrisThe Well
2/17/19ChrisI've Got a River of Life
2/17/19ChrisJesus Messiah
2/10/19JonMighty to Save
2/10/19JonYour Great Name
2/10/19JonAt the Cross (Love Ran Red)
2/10/19JonOpen the Eyes of My Heart, Lord
2/10/19JonI Exalt Thee
2/10/19JonHymn 255, Blessed Assurance
2/3/19BradI Will Call Upon the Lord
2/3/19BradOur God (Is Greater)
2/3/19BradRevelation Song
2/3/19BradHymn 70, Holy, Holy, Holy
2/3/19BradHymn 268, How Firm a Foundation
1/27/19CamilleHow Can I Keep from Singing
1/27/19CamilleNothing I Hold Onto
1/27/19CamilleBlessed Be Your Name
1/27/19CamilleHymn 256, It Is Well with My Soul
1/27/19CamilleHymn 460, Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
1/20/19ToryCome, People of the Risen King
1/20/19ToryYour Name (Baloche)
1/20/19ToryHe Who Dwells in the Shelter of the Most High
1/20/19ToryBetter Is One Day
1/20/19ToryHymn 393, Take My Life and Let It Be
1/6/19RichardHymn 91, The First Noel
1/6/19RichardOffering (with Christmas verse)
1/6/19RichardHymn 96, As with Gladness, Men of Old
1/6/19RichardYour Grace Is Enough
1/6/19RichardWe Three Kings
12/30/18DanielLord Most High
12/30/18DanielWhat Can I Do?
12/30/18DanielForever Grateful
12/30/18DanielBefore the Throne of God Above
12/30/18DanielHymn 34, Immortal, Invisible
12/16/18JonHere I Am to Worship
12/16/18JonLight of the Stable
12/16/18JonEmmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)
12/16/18JonHymn 99, Angels from the Realms of Glory
12/16/18JonHoly Child
12/16/18JonJoy to the World (Unspeakable Joy)
12/9/18No service, snow
12/2/18BradHymn 83, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
12/2/18BradJesus, Name Above All Names
12/2/18BradHymn 84, Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
12/2/18BradBe Exalted, O God
12/2/18BradHymn 40, Great Is Thy Faithfulness
11/25/18RichardCome Into His Presence
11/25/18RichardWe Bring the Sacrifice of Praise
11/25/18RichardHe Is Jehovah
11/25/18RichardThank You, Lord
11/25/18RichardI Lift Your Name
11/25/18RichardHymn 54, For the Beauty of the Earth
11/18/18CamilleHymn 17, Come, Thou Fount
11/18/18CamilleHe Has Made Me Glad
11/18/18CamilleTen Thousand Reasons
11/18/18CamilleThere Is a Redeemer
11/18/18CamilleHymn 37, How Great Thou Art
11/11/18ToryCome to the Water
11/11/18TorySeek Ye First
11/11/18ToryStep by Step
11/11/18ToryHymn 334, Be Thou My Vision
11/11/18ToryGod Will Make a Way
11/11/18ToryHymn 44, And Can It Be?
11/4/18JonHymn 38, Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
11/4/18JonThe Servant Song
11/4/18JonI Need You to Survive
11/4/18JonMicah 6:8
11/4/18JonLet Us Consider
11/4/18JonBuild Your Kingdom Here
10/28/18DanielThey'll Know We Are Christians by Our Love
10/28/18DanielYou Are Holy (Prince of Peace)
10/28/18DanielWe Will Stand
10/28/18DanielWorthy Is the Lamb / Crown Him
10/28/18DanielLet Us Exalt His Name Together
10/28/18DanielHymn 118, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
10/21/18BradHymn 1, O Worship the King
10/21/18BradCome to the Water
10/21/18BradLord, I Lift Your Name on High
10/21/18BradHymn 62, Crown Him with Many Crowns
10/21/18BradMake Me a Servant
10/21/18BradHymn 54, For the Beauty of the Earth
10/14/18SherriHere Is Love
10/14/18SherriGood, Good Father
10/14/18SherriWho You Say I Am
10/14/18SherriI Could Sing of Your Love Forever
10/14/18SherriBehold the Lamb (Communion Hymn)
10/14/18SherriThe Stand
10/7/18BradI Was Glad When They Said Unto Me
10/7/18BradAll Creatures (David Crowder version)
10/7/18BradHymn 50, Fairest Lord Jesus
10/7/18BradYour Name
10/7/18BradTen Thousand Reasons
10/7/18BradHymn 261, Trust and Obey
9/30/18RichardWhom Shall I Fear? (God of Angel Armies)
9/30/18RichardI Will Follow
9/30/18RichardNothing I Hold Onto
9/30/18RichardHymn 295, He Leadeth Me
9/30/18RichardHymn 10, O God, Our Help in Ages Past
9/23/18JonI've Got a River of Life
9/23/18JonSong for the Nations
9/23/18JonWhat the Lord Has Done in Me
9/23/18JonGive Us Clean Hands
9/23/18JonOne Pure and Holy Passion
9/23/18JonAmazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
9/16/18BradHymn 42, All Hail the Power
9/16/18BradWe Fall Down
9/16/18BradArise, My Soul, Arise
9/16/18BradHymn 354, What a Friend We Have in Jesus
9/16/18BradHymn 235, Pass Me Not
9/9/18BradCome, Now Is the Time to Worship
9/9/18BradWho Am I?
9/9/18BradYour Grace Is Enough
9/9/18BradHymn 17, Come, Thou Fount
9/9/18BradThe Steadfast Love of the Lord
9/9/18BradHymn 500, When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder
9/2/18CamilleTrading My Sorrows
9/2/18CamilleNothing I Hold Onto
9/2/18CamilleHow Great Is Our God
9/2/18CamilleGlorify Thy Name
9/2/18CamilleSeek Ye First
9/2/18CamilleBuild Your Kingdom Here
8/26/18BradHymn 496, Victory in Jesus
8/26/18BradGreat and Mighty Is He
8/26/18BradGrace Like Rain
8/26/18BradThank You, Lord (Baloche and Moen)
8/26/18BradLord, Reign in Me
8/26/18BradHymn 46, O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing
8/19/18SherriStep by Step
8/19/18SherriBlessed Be Your Name
8/19/18SherriBe Unto Your Name
8/19/18SherriNone but Jesus
8/19/18SherriThe Doxology
8/19/18SherriHymn 2, Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
8/19/18SherriWe Will Glorify
8/12/18ToryGod of Wonders
8/12/18ToryHe Is Exalted
8/12/18ToryHymn 61, O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
8/12/18ToryHe Who Dwells in the Shelter of the Most High
8/12/18ToryHymn 363, Take My Life and Let It Be
8/12/18ToryHymn 37, How Great Thou Art
8/5/18RichardLet Us Exalt His Name Together
8/5/18RichardThere Is a Redeemer
8/5/18RichardSalvation Belongs to Our God
8/5/18RichardShine, Jesus, Shine
8/5/18RichardMighty to Save
8/5/18RichardHymn 127, Hallelujah! What a Savior!
7/29/18RachelHymn 299, Day by Day
7/29/18RachelI Will Serve You
7/29/18RachelBeauty for Ashes
7/29/18RachelHymn 340, Nearer, Still Nearer
7/29/18RachelCares Chorus
7/29/18RachelHymn 323, More Love to Thee
7/29/18RachelHymn 359, My Faith Looks Up to Thee
7/22/18DanielThank You, Lord
7/22/18DanielI Lift My Hands
7/22/18DanielOh, How He Loves You and Me
7/22/18DanielHymn 236, Amazing Grace
7/22/18DanielHymn 334, Be Thou My Vision
7/22/18DanielHymn 198, There Is Power in the Blood
7/15/18SherriTen Thousand Reasons
7/15/18SherriNone But Jesus
7/15/18SherriI Will Rise
7/15/18SherriYour Grace Finds Me
7/15/18SherriHymn 36, A Mighty Fortress
7/15/18SherriHymn 40, Great Is Thy Faithfulness
7/8/18ToryPurify My Heart
7/8/18ToryStep by Step
7/8/18ToryChrist Be Beside Me
7/8/18ToryLord, Be Glorified
7/8/18ToryHymn 295, He Leadeth Me
7/8/18ToryHymn 388, Have Thine Own Way, Lord
7/1/18BradHymn 529, My Country, 'Tis of Thee
7/1/18BradHymn 532, God of Our Fathers
7/1/18BradHere I Am to Worship
7/1/18BradYour Great Name
7/1/18BradHymn 394, I Surrender All
7/1/18BradYou Are Holy (Prince of Peace)
6/24/18RichardHoly Is the Lord
6/24/18RichardShout to the North
6/24/18RichardHymn 40, Great Is Thy Faithfulness
6/24/18RichardHymn 393, Take My Life and Let It Be
6/24/18RichardHymn 292, Surely Goodness and Mercy
6/17/18JonLet All Things Now Living
6/17/18JonGood, Good Father
6/17/18JonHe Knows My Name
6/17/18JonMorning Has Broken
6/17/18JonHymn 39, This Is My Father's World
6/10/18DanielRushing Wind
6/10/18DanielThy Mercy, My God, Is the Theme of My Song
6/10/18DanielWorthy Is the Lamb
6/10/18DanielHymn 208, Are You Washed in the Blood?
6/3/18BradGlorify Thy Name
6/3/18BradHoly Is the Lord
6/3/18BradAmazing Love (You Are My King)
6/3/18BradI've Got a River of Life
6/3/18BradMicah 6:8
6/3/18BradSeek Ye First (1st verse)
6/3/18BradHymn 34, Immortal, Invisible
5/27/18RichardOpen the Eyes of My Heart, Lord
5/27/18RichardWhen I Look into Your Holiness
5/27/18RichardGive Us Clean Hands
5/27/18RichardHis Strength Is Perfect
5/27/18RichardWhom Shall I Fear? (God of Angel Armies)
5/27/18RichardHymn 290, Be Still, My Soul
5/20/18SherriHymn 6, Come, Thou Almighty King
5/20/18SherriHoly and Anointed One
5/20/18SherriHymn 176, Break Thou the Bread of Life
5/20/18SherriThe Stand
5/13/18BradAll Who Are Thirsty
5/13/18BradHymn 32, Blessed Be the Name
5/13/18BradJehovah Jireh
5/13/18BradHeart of Worship
5/13/18BradI Lift My Eyes Up
5/13/18BradYou Are My All in All
5/6/18JonHymn 257, 'Tis So Sweet
5/6/18JonMy Worth Is Not in What I Own
5/6/18JonThe Solid Rock
5/6/18JonBe Still and Know
5/6/18JonDear Refuge of My Weary Soul
5/6/18JonCome Let Us Worship Christ
4/29/18DanielHymn 175, Standing on the Promises
4/29/18DanielBe Exalted, O God
4/29/18DanielWe Will Dance
4/29/18DanielIn the Presence
4/29/18DanielShine, Jesus, Shine
4/29/18DanielBecause He Lives
4/22/18BradCome, People of the Risen King
4/22/18BradThe Battle Belongs to the Lord
4/22/18BradOur God (Is Greater)
4/22/18BradPraise the Name of Jesus
4/22/18BradMy Life Is in You, Lord
4/22/18BradHymn 291, Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
4/15/18BradHymn 141, Look, Ye Saints! The Sight Is Glorious
4/15/18BradLamb of God
4/15/18BradRevelation Song
4/15/18BradWhat the Lord Has Done in Me
4/15/18BradWonderful, Merciful Savior
4/8/18ToryHow Deep the Father's Love for Us
4/8/18ToryAt the Foot of the Cross
4/8/18ToryGlorious Day
4/8/18ToryIn the Presence
4/8/18ToryHymn 249, Just As I Am
4/1/18RichardHymn 138, Christ Arose
4/1/18RichardWorship Christ, The Risen King
4/1/18RichardSee What a Morning (Resurrection Hymn)
4/1/18RichardAll Heaven Declares
4/1/18RichardHymn 137, Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
4/1/18RichardHallelujah Chorus
3/25/18SherriHymn 107, Hosanna, Loud Hosanna
3/25/18SherriHymn 109, Ride On, Ride On, in Majesty
3/25/18SherriBuild Your Kingdom Here
3/25/18SherriGlory and Honor
3/25/18SherriHymn 108, All Glory, Laud, and Honor
3/18/18BradAll the Earth
3/18/18BradGive You Glory
3/18/18BradThis Is the Day
3/18/18BradI Exalt Thee
3/18/18BradEverlasting God
3/18/18BradHymn 264, In the Garden
3/11/18JonJesus Messiah
3/11/18JonAt the Cross (Love Ran Red)
3/11/18JonMy Worth Is Not in What I Own
3/11/18JonIn Christ Alone
3/11/18JonWe Break this Bread
3/11/18JonHymn 118, When I Survey
3/4/18ToryThere Is a Redeemer
3/4/18TorySalvation Belongs to Our God
3/4/18ToryShine, Jesus, Shine
3/4/18ToryMighty to Save
3/4/18ToryHymn 40, Great Is Thy Faithfulness
3/4/18ToryHymn 37, How Great Thou Art
2/25/18BradHymn 142, Jesus Shall Reign
2/25/18BradWe Bring the Sacrifice of Praise
2/25/18BradDays of Elijah
2/25/18BradThe Highest Place
2/25/18BradHoly and Anointed One
2/25/18BradHymn 70, Holy, Holy, Holy
2/18/18BradAs the Deer
2/18/18BradArise, my Soul, Arise
2/18/18BradHear Us from Heaven
2/18/18BradGood, Good Father
2/18/18BradHymn 417, In Christ There Is No East or West
2/18/18BradHymn 38, Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
2/11/18RichardHymn 6, Come, Thou Almighty King
2/11/18RichardHear My Cry
2/11/18RichardI Will Call Upon the Lord
2/11/18RichardHe Is Jehovah
2/11/18RichardHymn 126, Rock of Ages
2/11/18RichardHymn 309, Beneath the Cross of Jesus
2/4/18SherriWhat Can I Do?
2/4/18SherriHymn 13, Praise Ye the Lord
2/4/18SherriYou Are God Alone
2/4/18SherriHow Great Is Our God
2/4/18SherriThy Word
2/4/18SherriI Will Delight
2/4/18SherriBe Exalted, O God
1/28/18BradHymn 445, No, Not One
1/28/18BradYour Name
1/28/18BradHymn 61, O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
1/28/18BradHymn 142, Jesus Shall Reign
1/28/18BradI Want the World to Know
1/28/18BradHymn 431, I Love to Tell the Story
1/21/18ChrisYou Are God Alone
1/21/18ChrisTurn Your Eyes Upon Jesus (chorus)
1/21/18ChrisYour Love, Oh Lord
1/21/18ChrisWe Believe
1/21/18ChrisHymn 37, How Great Thou Art
1/21/18ChrisHymn 236, Amazing Grace
1/21/18ChrisHymn 256, It Is Well with My Soul
1/14/18ToryLord Most High
1/14/18ToryGod of Wonders
1/14/18ToryHow Deep the Father's Love For Us
1/14/18ToryMy Savior, My God
1/14/18ToryOne Pure and Holy Passion
1/14/18ToryHymn 249, Just As I Am
1/7/18DanielWe Three Kings
1/7/18DanielHymn 94, What Child Is This?
1/7/18DanielO Come, Let Us Adore Him
1/7/18DanielIn Christ Alone
1/7/18DanielHymn 334, Be Thou My Vision
12/31/17RichardHymn 96, As With Gladness
12/31/17RichardGlorious Day
12/31/17RichardHymn 101, Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne
12/31/17RichardGlorify Thy Name
12/31/17RichardHymn 6, Come, Thou Almighty King
12/31/17RichardJoy Has Dawned
12/17/17BradHymn 87, Joy to the World
12/17/17BradHymn 94, What Child Is This
12/17/17BradHymn 86, Away in a Manger
12/17/17BradGo Tell It on the Mountain
12/17/17BradHymn 99, Angels from the Realms of Glory
12/17/17BradHymn 93, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
12/10/17JonJesus, Name Above All Names
12/10/17JonHymn 83, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
12/10/17JonEmmanuel (Hallowed Manger Ground)
12/10/17JonO Come, Let Us Adore Him
12/10/17JonCome Let US Worship Christ
12/3/17SherriOf the Father's Love Begotten
12/3/17SherriEarth Was Waiting
12/3/17SherriChild in the Manger
12/3/17SherriJoy Has Dawned
12/3/17SherriThe Stand
12/3/17SherriHymn 84, Come Thou Long Expected Jesus
11/26/17HelenCome Into His Presence
11/26/17HelenHe Has Made Me Glad
11/26/17HelenI Will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord
11/26/17HelenI Will Sing Unto the Lord
11/26/17HelenLet All Things Now Living
11/26/17HelenHymn 20, We Praise Thee, Or God Our Redeemer
11/26/17HelenHymn 18, Now Thank We All Our God
11/19/17ChrisHymn 131, All Creatures of Our God and King
11/19/17ChrisDraw Me Close
11/19/17ChrisWe Believe
11/19/17ChrisKing of Kings
11/19/17ChrisHymn 255, Blessed Assurance
11/19/17ChrisHymn 42, All Hail the Power
11/12/17ToryGod Will Make a Way
11/12/17ToryForever Grateful
11/12/17ToryPurify My Heart
11/12/17ToryI Give You My Heart
11/12/17ToryThank You, Lord (traditional)
11/12/17ToryIn the Presence
11/12/17ToryHymn 44, And Can It Be?
11/5/17DanielBetter Is One Day
11/5/17DanielLord Most High
11/5/17DanielMighty to Save
11/5/17DanielWorthy Is the Lamb/Crown Him
11/5/17DanielHymn 449 To God Be the Glory
10/29/17RichardGod of Wonders
10/29/17RichardAll Heaven Declares
10/29/17RichardGod Is the Strength of My Heart
10/29/17RichardHis Strength Is Perfect
10/29/17RichardHymn 352 Jesus Lover of My Soul
10/29/17RichardHymn 187 Blest Be the Tie that Binds
10/29/17RichardHymn 290 Be Still, My Soul
10/22/17SherriMy Worth Is Not in What I Own
10/22/17SherriBeneath the Cross of Jesus (Getty)
10/22/17SherriHow Deep the Father's Love for Us
10/22/17SherriLet Us Consider
10/22/17SherriBind Us Together
10/22/17SherriThe Wonderful Cross
10/15/17NestersHow Great Is Our God
10/15/17NestersBlessed Be Your Name
10/15/17NestersMore Precious Than Silver
10/15/17NestersBeautiful One
10/15/17NestersShout to the North
10/8/17HelenHe Is Exalted
10/8/17HelenHe Is Good
10/8/17HelenBe Exalted, O God
10/8/17HelenAt the Cross (Love Ran Red)
10/8/17HelenBefore the Throne of God Above
10/8/17HelenWonderful, Merciful Savior
10/1/17ChrisBlessed Be Your Name
10/1/17ChrisGrace Like Rain
10/1/17ChrisLet Them Come to the Water
10/1/17ChrisHe Reigns
9/24/17CamilleHymn 46, O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing
9/24/17CamilleWhat a Beautiful Name
9/24/17CamilleJesus, Name Above All Names
9/24/17CamilleAbove All
9/24/17CamilleHymn 204, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
9/17/17BradHymn 23, Come, We That Love the Lord
9/17/17BradWe Fall Down
9/17/17BradAll Heaven Declares
9/17/17BradHeart of Worship
9/17/17BradThey'll Know We Are Christians by Our Love
9/17/17BradHymn 50, Fairest Lord Jesus!
9/10/17BradHymn 61, O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
9/10/17BradOpen the Eyes of My Heart, Lord
9/10/17BradRushing Wind
9/10/17BradI Will Follow
9/10/17BradHymn 176, Break Thou the Bread of Life
9/10/17BradYour Great Name
9/3/17SherriHymn 175, Standing on the Promises
9/3/17SherriThy Word
9/3/17SherriAncient Words
9/3/17SherriIn the Calm
9/3/17SherriHymn 42, All Hail the Power
8/27/17RichardI Was Glad when They Said Unto Me
8/27/17RichardLord, Reign In Me
8/27/17RichardLord Most High
8/27/17RichardO Church, Arise
8/27/17RichardBe Glorified
8/27/17RichardHymn 186, The Church's One Foundation
8/27/17RichardHymn 73, May Jesus Christ Be Praised
8/20/17ToryWho Am I?
8/20/17ToryHow Deep the Father's Love for Us
8/20/17ToryFrom the Inside Out
8/20/17ToryHymn 256, It Is Well With My Soul
8/20/17ToryBetter Is One Day
8/20/17ToryHymn 10, O God, Our Help in Ages Past
8/13/17DanielHe Has Made Me Glad
8/13/17DanielThank You, Lord (traditional)
8/13/17DanielHymn 127, Hallelujah! What A Savior!
8/13/17DanielHe Loves Me
8/13/17DanielHymn 44, And Can It Be
8/6/17JonHymn 42, All Hail the Power
8/6/17JonThe Battle Belongs to the Lord
8/6/17JonWhom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies)
8/6/17JonHear My Cry
8/6/17JonA Shield About Me
8/6/17JonHymn 46, O for a Thousand Tongues
7/30/17ChrisSalvation Belongs to Our God
7/30/17ChrisHere for You
7/30/17ChrisHymn 496, Victory in Jesus
7/30/17ChrisHymn 125, Jesus Paid It All
7/30/17ChrisGlorious Day
7/23/17HelenYour Love, Oh Lord
7/23/17HelenI Could Sing of Your Love Forever
7/23/17HelenYou Are My Hiding Place
7/23/17HelenI Life My Eyes Up
7/23/17HelenThy Word
7/23/17HelenCreate in Me a Clean Heart
7/16/17BradI Will Call Upon the Lord
7/16/17BradMighty to Save
7/16/17BradBetter than Life
7/16/17BradTen Thousand Reasons
7/16/17BradJesus, What a Wonder You Are
7/16/17BradHymn 57, Jesus, I Am Resting
7/9/17SherriShout to the North
7/9/17SherriOnly by Grace
7/9/17SherriFountain of Grace
7/9/17SherriYour Grace Finds Me
7/9/17SherriNone but Jesus
7/2/17ToryAmerica the Beautiful (Hymn 531)
7/2/17ToryFor the Beauty of the Earth (Hymn 54)
7/2/17ToryBe Exalted, O God
7/2/17TorySong for the Nations
7/2/17ToryMy Country, 'Tis of Thee (Hymn 529)
6/25/17RichardShine, Jesus, Shine
6/25/17RichardJesus, Name Above All Names
6/25/17RichardI Lift My Hands
6/25/17RichardHymn 158, Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove
6/25/17RichardHymn 175, Standing on the Promises
6/25/17RichardThy Mercy, My God, is the Theme of My Song
6/18/17DanielHymn 39, This Is My Father's World
6/18/17DanielHymn 40, Great Is Thy Faithfulness
6/18/17DanielGlorify Thy Name
6/18/17DanielThere Is a Redeemer
6/18/17DanielLet Us Exalt His Name Together
6/18/17DanielLord, I Lift Your Name on High
6/11/17ChrisAmazing Love (You Are My King)
6/11/17ChrisYour Grace Is Enough
6/11/17ChrisHow Deep the Father's Love for Us
6/11/17ChrisGrace Like Rain
6/11/17ChrisYour Grace Finds Me
6/11/17ChrisHymn 222, There Is a Fountain
6/11/17ChrisJesus Messiah
6/4/17JonFacing a Task Unfinished
6/4/17JonBuild Your Kingdom Here
6/4/17JonSong for the Nations
6/4/17JonHymn 70, Holy, Holy, Holy
5/28/17BradChrist Is Risen (Matt Maher)
5/28/17BradBlessed Be Your Name
5/28/17BradRevelation Song
5/28/17BradWhat Can I Do?
5/28/17BradHymn 334, Be Thou My Vision
5/28/17BradHymn 31, All Creatures of Our God and King
5/21/17ToryBe Magnified
5/21/17ToryLord Most High
5/21/17ToryWe Bow Down
5/21/17ToryCome, People of the Risen King
5/21/17ToryHymn 118, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
5/14/17HelenFamily of God
5/14/17HelenInto My Heart
5/14/17HelenJesus Loves the Little Children
5/14/17HelenChildren of the Heavenly Father
5/14/17HelenHymn 479, Jesus Loves Me
5/14/17HelenHymn 492, Jesus Loves Even Me
5/7/17SherriRushing Wind
5/7/17SherriI Give You My Heart
5/7/17SherriHymn 393, Take My Life and Let It Be
5/7/17SherriBefore the Throne of God Above
4/30/17ChrisO Lord, You're Beautiful
4/30/17ChrisThere Is a Redeemer
4/30/17ChrisGive You Glory
4/30/17ChrisHymn 50, Fairest Lord Jesus
4/30/17ChrisPsalm 62
4/30/17ChrisHymn 40, Great Is Thy Faithfulness
4/23/17RichardHymn 133, The Strife is O'er
4/23/17RichardHymn 141, Look, Ye Saints! The Sight is Glorious
4/23/17RichardShout to the Lord
4/23/17RichardYou Are My All in All
4/23/17RichardHymn 144, Hark! Ten Thousand Harps and Voices
4/16/17JonSing Hallelujah
4/16/17JonCelebrate Jesus
4/16/17JonHymn 62, Crown Him with Many Crowns
4/16/17JonSee What a Morning (Resurrection Hymn)
4/16/17JonHymn 137, Christ the Lord Is Risen Today
4/9/17BradSing Hosanna
4/9/17BradVictory Chant
4/9/17BradKing of Kings
4/9/17BradHe Is Jehovah
4/9/17BradGive Thanks
4/9/17BradHymn 108, All Glory, Laud, and Honor
4/2/17DanielLord, I Lift Your Name on High
4/2/17DanielI'm Forever Grateful
4/2/17DanielAt the Cross
4/2/17DanielHymn 113, The Old Rugged Cross
4/2/17DanielThere Is a River of Life
3/26/17CynthiaHymn 314, I Am Thine, O Lord
3/26/17CynthiaAll in All
3/26/17CynthiaWorthy Is the Lamb/Crown Him
3/26/17CynthiaEvery Praise
3/26/17CynthiaI Need You to Survive
3/26/17CynthiaHymn 212, Nothing but the Blood
3/19/17HelenGlorify Thy Name
3/19/17HelenBe Unto Your Name
3/19/17HelenOpen the Eyes of My Heart, Lord
3/19/17HelenHymn 257, Tis So Sweet to Trust In Jesus
3/19/17HelenHymn 175, Standing on the Promises
3/12/17CamilleHymn 131, All Creatures of Our God and King
3/12/17CamilleHow Beautiful
3/12/17CamilleHow Great Is Our God
3/12/17CamilleHow Great Thou Art chorus only
3/5/17ToryMorning Has Broken
3/5/17ToryThis Is the Day
3/5/17ToryGod of Wonders
3/5/17ToryShine, Jesus, Shine
3/5/17ToryHymn 431, I Love to Tell the Story
3/5/17ToryHymn 39, This Is My Father's World
2/26/17SherriHymn 1, O Worship the King
2/26/17SherriThy Mercy, My God, is the Theme of My Song
2/26/17SherriAll Who Are Thirsty
2/26/17SherriHumble King
2/26/17SherriFrom the Inside Out
2/26/17SherriHave Mercy on Me
2/26/17SherriWhite as Snow
2/26/17SherriHymn 44, And Can It Be?
2/19/17RichardAbove All
2/19/17RichardTurn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
2/19/17RichardYour Love, Oh Lord
2/19/17RichardIn Christ Alone
2/19/17RichardHymn 332, My Jesus, I Love Thee
2/19/17RichardHymn 62, Crown Him with Many Crowns
2/12/17ChrisI Saw the Light/I'll Fly Away
2/12/17ChrisMy Savior, My God
2/12/17ChrisBuild Your Kingdom Here
2/12/17ChrisHymn 255, Blessed Assurance
2/5/17JonLet All Things Now Living
2/5/17JonMy Life Is in You, Lord
2/5/17JonHe Knows My Name
2/5/17JonWho Am I?
2/5/17JonHymn 38, Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee
1/29/17BradHymn 42, All Hail the Power
1/29/17BradShout to the Lord
1/29/17BradEverlasting God
1/29/17BradGive You Glory
1/29/17BradHoly Is the Lord
1/29/17BradHow Great Is Our God
1/22/17HelenHe Is Exalted
1/22/17HelenStep by Step
1/22/17HelenAll Who Are Thirsty
1/22/17HelenHymn 261, Trust and Obey
1/22/17HelenHe Knows My Name
1/22/17HelenHymn 354, What a Friend We Have in Jesus
1/15/17ToryWe Three Kings
1/15/17ToryHymn 94, What Child Is This?
1/15/17ToryHere I Am to Worship
1/15/17ToryHymn 417, In Christ There Is No East or West
1/15/17ToryLet All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
1/1/17ChrisBuild Your Kingdom Here
1/1/17ChrisHow Sweet the Sound
1/1/17ChrisHymn 249, Just As I Am
1/1/17ChrisHymn 388, Have Thine Own Way
1/1/17ChrisThe Solid Rock