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We meet at 10 am on Sundays for worship, followed by a fellowship meal about 11:30 and sharing about noon.

Our worship service follows the fourfold ­pattern practiced by most churches throughout history. 1) The gathering: we joyfully sing and pray together. 2) The Word: we listen to scripture and the careful teaching of scripture. 3) Response to the Word: through Communion or through singing and prayer we meditate on what we’ve heard. 4) The sending forth: we take what we’ve heard with us to live for God’s glory throughout the week.

Worship requires participation. We partake of the service and enter into each activity, including scripture reading, singing, silent prayer, congregational prayer, and communion. We don’t simply sit and observe. The worship team plans and prepares to the best of its ability, but the important activity is the congregational worship itself.

The core of worship is the celebration of Christ. Each Sunday is an anniversary of his resurrection. The church calendar can help us remember and reenact the life of Christ, including Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Ascension, and Pentecost.

Praise and Worship log for our song choosers.

Song distribution form for our song choosers.